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  1. Woodpecker drilling holes in house.

    This works, so do Mylar balloons.
  2. Man Killed by SWAT team after car thief tells cops he found meth in car he stole

    That is so screwed up. My prayers go out to the Hooks family.
  3. The Problem With Smart Guns

    My main problem with smart guns is that most of them are based on RFID, and RF (radio frequency) is easy to jam with a million and 1 jammers on the market. Some of the jammers are pretty small to.
  4. Safe deposit box for SHTF

    Lock box in your car. It all depends on what you're driving, but there are a lot of little places to hide a small locking case for a compact or sub compact in a car\suv.
  5. Survival Deals

    I was able to flush out my BO bags and bug in closet on the cheap between Walmart, Home Depot, and Job Lots. I tell my wife I'm excited about taking the kids camping when they get older and she turns a blind eye to my shopping. Job Lots is great for canned goods, canning jars, misc camping...
  6. square foot (raised gardens)

    Been using them for a few years now and the wife and I are thinking about expanding. Stuff We Grow Garlic Grass Garlic various tomatoes strawberries potatoes groundnut (new this year) collard greens carrots for some reason our onions and peas never sprouted.
  7. Poll: Should Congress pass universal background checks for gun purchases?

    What I think they are talking about is back ground checks for private sales. Personally I don't see back ground checks as an infringement. Registration yes, but just a back ground check, no. I don't think anyone here wants a violent felon to buy a gun.
  8. Talk me into / out of p938 for pocket carry

    I'm a big guy 6'-1" 280, so IWB is hard for me, especially when it's warm out. The 238 is just a great pocket gun, and the mags are small enough to carry 1 or more spares with no problem. The round is light, but hit anyone with 3 or more of them at close range and they are going to know they...
  9. over 4 month ma ltc wait time

    Just did my renewal took 2 months.
  10. Firearms - 20 "Children" a Day Hospitalized...

    The comments are great, people really picked the article apart.
  11. Bloomberg backed Democrat wins Virginia

    From the exit poll 2/3rds more democrats voted for the Libertarian than republicans. So if he didn't run the outcome would have been unchanged.
  12. Question Regarding Gun Related Deaths in the UK vs. US

    Most deaths occur in inner cities, typically those with populations of over 200,000. The number of cites that size in the US dwarfs that of the UK, and it the main reason for the imbalance.
  13. Gun owner? You must be a white racist

    The people that ran the study are the real racists as are so many democrat politicians. They call the republicans racists for wanting to reduce welfare (general term) spending and say it's because republicans hate any race but their own, ignoring the fact that not all republicans are white. The...
  14. Green membership Karma

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