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  • Hello, I'm interested in it. Can I see it during the day? I'd be willing to come out and see it. I'm in Plymouth quite a bit.
    Let me know

    Hi --thanks so much!! - I have a summer place in Rose Point, West Wareham. I've been thinking about joining Sippican for years, but just never did. I will definately take you up on it. Can you give me some info? I'm usually there on weekends and then for a week or 2 vacation.

    Thanx for the note. I checked out the club last Sunday in the rain. They seem to be nice folks and while the facilities seem a little bare bones, they have everything I need. Hope to see ya there after the 1st.

    I found my lovely avatar pic through a Google Image search. Can't remember where I found it. Send me your email address and I'll shoot it over. Thanks.

    I have an OLD Mossberg .22 with an unusual peep sight. It is a "golden oldie," but I took meat at my club's ham and turkey shoots with it before I bought the mega-buck, tricked-out Ruger Sportsman's Challenge gun.


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