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  1. WTS Toro/Wheelhorse tractor

  2. Trail camera thread. Post ur trail camera photos.

    hope he sticks around till the 18th
  3. WTS Toro/Wheelhorse tractor

  4. Pheasant camp this weekend.

    It’s a nice club and some Beautiful hunting grounds especially for New England pheasant hunting. Also think about packing a fly rod if you fly fish Swift river has some of the best trout fishing. Or you can fish the swift with spinning rod on the south side of route 9.
  5. WTS Toro/Wheelhorse tractor

    Toro 14hp 38” cut with bagger hydro Not a pretty unit seat is ripped and head lights busted. Runs great fresh oil change just installed new OEM drive belt deck belt sharpened blades. Bagger works good will make picking up leaves this fall easy . Also comes with spare set of wheels and tires...
  6. What rifle ammo are you using for taking deer?

    I have killed a lot of deer with Remington core Lokt
  7. What are you buying for hunting gear this year?

    just bought another spy point micro game camera and a few more life lines from hunter safety systems for two other ladder stands I have this year.
  8. Pistol trainings

  9. Northeast Gun Shows

    I saw Tombstone Trading post that they will be at the show and their store will be open as well. I assume that will make their booth smaller? I dunno they are always one of the bigger vendors
  10. Club Fundraising Ideas

    Club I belong to does well with Rentals both the pavilion and clubhouse plus if you have a bar alcohol sales during rentals. We have done raffles car 4 wheeler gun etc. We did for years a 10k raffle with a prime rib dinner that was pretty popular for years
  11. Trail camera thread. Post ur trail camera photos.

    No bait here in mass. This bear roams back and forth between the hardwoods and a swamp Would like to find the one I saw in the road last year was much larger.
  12. Trail camera thread. Post ur trail camera photos.

    Thought about bear hunting after work today but mowed the lawn instead this went right in front of my stand this afternoon while I was mowing 😐
  13. safe public range recommendations in MA?

    They have lots of volunteer opportunities not all of it is harsh physical labor 😂 or a lot of people don’t have time or whatever just pay the $100
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