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  1. cabela's 1917 enfields for sale price ??

    Ya know, I was thinking about you the other day. Was at my LGS and he had some .357 vaqueros. I remember reading here that you were in the market for some, something like that. Anyways, I see them around not infrequently.
  2. US Department Of Commerce Asks Gun Holster Companies For Sales Records

    Your not. I have a pile as well. This holster for that gun for this type of clothing etc.....they range from when I used to carry 1911's fairly often, then transitioned to Glocks, and don't forget the slew of hunting holsters and chest rigs for woods carry. I gladly give them away when...
  3. US Department Of Commerce Asks Gun Holster Companies For Sales Records

    From the article "Holster manufacturers don't have a choice" Face fines and penalties" sorry if thats poorly quoted, but still.... So, why wouldn't they have a choice? Is there some law that gov can go to any business and demand sales info absent a warrant or subpoena?
  4. Trapping coons

    Thanks for the replies. Well, so far, the past three nights haven't yielded anything so hopefully I've got them all, for now of course. They'll be back I'm sure. Just got to stay on top of it so its not a full on invasion like it was this year.
  5. Trapping coons

    I can effectively trap them in my cage trap, I was thinking more in numbers, like setting conibears around my tree line, so as to cover a couple hundred yards vs one spot where i have a cage trap.
  6. Trapping coons

    Sardines work great!
  7. Trapping coons

    Been thinning out coons on my property. Usually I use a live trap and dispatch them in the morning, but lately before I go to bed I'll poke my head out and see them all over my chicken coop, on the feeders etc. Its like whack-a-mole around here. So, i've been thinking of setting conibear...
  8. Brand new 1979 Smith & Wesson 44 Magnum revolver unboxing

    Even so, I wouldn't think 18rds would produce cylinder drag. No cylinder drag is a sign of a lightly used revolver. I've got revolvers with 100's of rounds through them with no marks. Not trying to be argumentative, just skeptical is all.
  9. Black Men Targets

    Can't please everybody
  10. Black Men Targets

    Green silhouettes
  11. Brand new 1979 Smith & Wesson 44 Magnum revolver unboxing

    Is it me, or in one of the close-up pics it looks like it has cylinder drag? If so....NIB my ass..
  12. Appendix Carry

    I've got a 43 I can try as well. All good info and holster recommendations. Thanks!
  13. Appendix Carry

    I guess Milt Sparks belts are cheap. What belts do condescending angry a**h***s with no manners recommend? Sheesh, I thought this was a discussion board.
  14. Appendix Carry

    Thanks, I'll check out that holster.
  15. Appendix Carry

    lol you guys crack me up... Yea, well I tried a G19, G36 and a G26, and while you know its there of course, it was secure and didn't dig in or create any pressure points, and concealed easy with a haynes white T under-shirt. I'm 6ft 195 with maybe an extra 5lbs of "padding" so its difficult...
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