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  1. Low left problem

    They don't What GM doesn't?
  2. Low left problem

    I don't do the thumbs relaxed, Your thumb is very strong and you can create a lot of grip pressure with meat of your thumbs by pushing them down. I don't push on the gun with the tips of my thumbs as that influences the gun
  3. Low left problem

    Mike Seeklander does a nice job explaining grip. One of skills that take a good amount of practice to learn is to grip hard with all your fingers, but still be able to have fine control over your trigger finger. I find it easier to do that when I use the pad of my finger, others might use...
  4. Low left problem

    The push pull method is a bandaid fix to other issues. It is not a path that leads very far in shooting progression. The lateral pressure, squeezing the grip like a vise is what you want. It will take longer to master, but will allow you to progress further
  5. Low left problem

    Slow fire techniques works well for slow fire, thats why they use them. Start shooting fast, I don't mean the rapid fire NRA but actual fast and some techniques no longer work.
  6. Low left problem

    Keep your eyes open You can't flinch if you call your shots. It doesn't matter how you press, squeeze, slap or yank it. Just keep the the sights on target until the shot breaks
  7. Cuck remotes that don't ship to mass

    The problem is MA gun owners won't clean out their shit pool, they want others to jump in with them. Then they get all pissy when other don't want to get their shit on them. I say F you to all the MA gun owners that want PSA to get their shit on them. We enjoy our clean pool
  8. Cuck remotes that don't ship to mass

    I do, MA is one big pool of liberal shit. You might not like the pool you're in, but you are in it. Stop splashing in your shit pool, it's getting everywhere else
  9. Cuck remotes that don't ship to mass

    Beside the damage done by Mitt Romney, The Kennedy's, AG that threatens companies outside her state, the liberal cancer MA residence spread when the move to other states..not much
  10. Cuck remotes that don't ship to mass

    PSA is boycotting MA, good. Their business, their rules MA people should worry about getting their your own shit together before they bitch about PSA. MA caused the problem, not PSA. The rest of the country supports PSA in not selling to MA, because they don't want to see MA F up more shit in...
  11. Contemplating Moving to a More Free State

    The state ranges and some of the private ranges aren't that great. The local one I go to allows me to do whatever I want as long as I'm not bothering other shooters. So if people are on the pistol pit, I can't run around.
  12. Cant shoot my carry pistol well

    Why would you flinch during dry fire? If the sights move during dry fire then it is a trigger press problem, not a flinch. Flinching is a mental response to either the noise and/or recoil.
  13. Contemplating Moving to a More Free State

    SC is working on open carry, will it pass this time...I hope so. NC you need a carry permit or pistol purchase permit to buy handguns...SC you don't. SC bans teflon coated bullets though There is no need to go to Myrtle beach, so that solves that problem
  14. Contemplating Moving to a More Free State

    Tried it, still the same..weird
  15. Contemplating Moving to a More Free State

    Looking on Redfin for my area. They have 65 homes for sale (I have no filters on) Realtor.com has 962. Redfin isn't showing the houses in the neighborhood that I know are still for sale.
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