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  1. Going rate for pewter?

    Some candlesticks have cores of cement or plaster to give them weight. I generally will pay a couple bucks for small bowls, creamers etc. You can find them free in boxes left at the curb sometimes too. Don't overlook picture frames...some of them are pewter. I scored 12 lbs for $8 last...
  2. Lee Precision Website

    Natchezss, titan reloading, and Midwayusa usually have Lee common parts in stock.
  3. Here's what you need if you stick a live round in a Redding Body Die.

    I sometimes run .223 cases through a Lee Bulge Buster set up with a .380 factory crimp die when the rim won't fit in the shell holder on the hand priming tool. Mostly PPU cases! The cases fit the case gauge but not the shell holder. I save them until I have a box full of and run them when I...
  4. Guess what this is

    I dropped a beretta 92 mag into a beretta 96 and fired a 9mm in the 40. After a, "that sounded weird" moment I did it again a couple mag swaps later. It was an interesting way to find out some mags work with different calibers in similar frame guns.
  5. Donald Trump is a F****** Moron/Former Collegue/Gun Owner

    I don't wave at anyone. I have enough friends. I don't have to pretend with strangers. When my girlfriend started waving at other bikes I told her if I catch her doing that again she's walking home. My Son in law is a prez of a riding club and he told me I'd be waving if I was in his club or...
  6. I'm confused, what are we companies and products are we Boycotting again??

    On my personal boycott list is bob kraft, starbucks, dunkin, wegmans, dick's, connecticut, NY, colt. and anyone that contributes to or participates in a gun buyback.
  7. I'm confused, what are we companies and products are we Boycotting again??

    didn't they out a nearby ammo supplier shipping to MA too?
  8. a must for every reloading room

    If the vacuum doesn't have a power brush head and the vac has a bag and or filter there shouldn't be any issues. Simple dust can be ignited by a static electric discharge but you don't usually see it on a small scale. It'd be a concern in dust collection of metal shavings, sawdust, and also in...
  9. Reloading press

    You can spend thousands to save hundreds on ammo or you can spend hundreds and save thousands on ammo. If you're shooting for a pay day go crazy and invest in the best. If your shooting for fun, spend your money on better components and a spotting scope...the Lee press will work just fine...
  10. Looting report threads?

    Bull Run in Shirley had a good story about catching 2 looters in today's, or maybe yesterday's, e-newsletter.
  11. GOAL Seeking Information on Club Range Closures

    Yup. I remember that. A guy over the hill claimed he heard bullets whizzing by his back yard and found unfired bullets on his roof.
  12. The Economics of Ammunition

    I'm retiring in 5 years. I'm stockpiling components and reloading for that period of my life now. I also have 1000lbs of lead, a few hundred pounds of linotype, 100lbs of pewter, and plenty of molds. My powder supply needs revue however.
  13. Flying with 80% parts

    As far as driving with it you should be okay as long as you are legal where you started and legal where you are going as long as it is stored in a securely locked container...unless that transportation law has changed.
  14. Primer pop out

    try the ammo in a different gun or two. it might tell you which is at fault.
  15. NES Exclusives: Per Derek!

    A reloading deal would be nice. Powder and primers and bulk bullets too. Milsurp powder and pulled bullets maybe?
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