Before moving to South Central Missouri October 2021, I lived in NH all my life save a six year stint in the Navy in the 70's. Married, five kids all grown, 12 grandchildren. Love the outdoors, grew up in the White Mountains of NH. Bought my first gun when I was 15 , a Marlin .22 which I still have. Bought it at The Village Gun Store in Whitefield a week or so after they opened their doors. I've shot a little .45 competition, pins and plates....thoroughly enjoyed it but got too expensive to do that and raise 5 kids. Now I'm getting the itch again

Hiking, fly fishing, shooting, hunting, music, refurbishing old guitar amps, bicycling...
September 29


The problem is not people being uneducated. The problem is that people are educated just enough to believe what they have been taught, and not educated enough to question anything from what they have been taught.

~Richard Feynman~

'Opinion is the lowest form of intelligence'...it requires neither accountability or understanding...'


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