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  1. WTB Looking for some 50AE

    If you have any for sale, please let me know. Thanks
  2. WTB Remington 870 18" barrel

    Looking for a Remington 870 18.5" barrel, Just the barrel only, please let me know if you have one. thanks

  4. WTB Desert Eagle .50AE

    mostly looking for the Case Hardened or Chrome finish
  5. WTB Benelli M4 Shotgun

    Looking for a Benelli M4 either in standard pistol grip configuration or the collapsible stock version (I have LEO creds for legal transfer).
  6. WTS Very Rare New with Box, Unfired SIG 551A1

    Gonna bump it one time, and then its going back in the safe. This is a pretty rare opportunity to own a rifle that doesnt come around for sale very often, especially unfired. Currently, there are none for sale even on Gunbroker. With this rush on guns, people are asking similar prices for...
  7. WTS Very Rare New with Box, Unfired SIG 551A1

    I'm considering selling my brand new, never fired and extremely rare SIG 551 rifle. Very small run of these rifles was produced in 2010 by SIG USA. Comes with all original accessories, box and papers. Transfer will have to be through a local FFL near or around Middleboro MA or I can ship it...
  8. Tavor shotgun

    Based on the serial number, mine is the 46th off the assembly line. It just went back to IWI for repair. It had occasional FTF issues on the last round in each mag tube (aproximately 4 out of 250 rounds fired). Honestly, I probably wouldnt have even bothered sending the gun back if that was the...
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