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  1. Target Sports Delivering Again - Megathread

    Spent this weeks ammo budget on bourbon. Whoops.
  2. ATF eForm 1 mega thread. Process and approvals!

    Day 109 and counting for least I have some hope!
  3. Watch Pocket Knife

    Its in & out of the rotation. Lately its been either an OKC RAT2 or a Boker slip joint. (Image stolen from countycomm)
  4. Another reason to hate snow 😠

    Had a few branches come off of a medium sized maple tree today in my backyard. It was still holding all its leaves (not even turned yet). In contrast - a large maple in my front yard lost all its leaves two weeks ago. And I had just cleaned up the yard. Damn it.
  5. The reality of gun availability during ECR

    I suppose I should clarify - it went from being normally available, to more limited. It appears to be in abundance in other locations, just not locally
  6. The reality of gun availability during ECR

    Or "In Demand" such as Blanton's. I wouldn't really call it rare - just more of a hype and increased demand. My local place gets 3 bottles a year.
  7. AR15 sales in MA

    Whatever happened to John @ Gunrunner? How did that turn out?
  8. ATF eForm 1 mega thread. Process and approvals!

    Phone call provided no info. I had to email to find out it was pending FBI.
  9. ATF eForm 1 mega thread. Process and approvals!

    88 days and counting in background check hell. As of last week - They’re processing delays from 6/4. I applied 7/24, so it looks like I’ve still got awhile.
  10. Nuisance Hunting in MA

    So local PD trumps State EPO? Glad they're on the same page :rolleyes:
  11. Nuisance Hunting in MA

    Sure are. I recently had a good conversation with EPO, as a bear ripped open my chicken coop and ate two of my birds. I was told distance offsets do not apply (150' from a road, 500' from a dwelling), as this is not hunting - you are dispatching a nuisance animal which is causing damage to your...
  12. Anyone Turn On Heat Yet?

    My house isn’t insulated well....low 50’s inside the past couple mornings. Fired up the pellet stove to take out the chill. I need to fix a leaking gasket in my circulator pump for the forced hot water before I can turn up the thermostats. Gasket kit should arrive tomorrow.
  13. ATF eForm 1 mega thread. Process and approvals!

    eForm 1 submitted 7/23 fingerprints mailed 7/25 Delivered 7/27 AAAAAAAAAANNNNNNNNNDDDDDDDDD still waiting. Damnit.
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