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  • I've got 4 kids so it is mainly spur of the moment.
    I went this am but they were going to have a shoot so all I did was some outside with a .22. I shoot all kinds of stuff but really a lot of handguns lately.45 acp.357 mag 44 mag .22 of course.My cell phone # is 204-6635 I may be able to shoot tonight.Give me a shout we could to schedule something
    Let me know when you going to the club unfortunately with my schedule I have to make time to go, so it's easier if someone is going already. What do you shoot up there mostly.
    I dig almost all S&W revolvers, but I have a soft spot for pencil barreled N frames. The Highway Patrolman, .357 Magnum, and the N frame Mountain Guns are just sweet!
    cool I have 4 kids so I just need a bit of notice to head to the range...LOL

    spring will get here eventually and I need to get my kids shooting more too
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