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  1. .22LR Training Rounds/Snap Caps

    The Hillman brand wall anchors (sold on Amazon) have changed design and are no longer suitable as 22 lr snap caps ( as people have used for years). The Everbuilt brand sold at Home Depot work well though. $6.50 will get you 150 of them.
  2. CZ 457 Varmint MTR

    Yes, as I said, the gun started as a synthetic 17 hmr ( American). The barrel you see is a IBI SS 22" match . 22 lr (with Olympic contour muzzle) . This final set-up is not all that unlike the factory Varmint MTR . It's just a little more forward balanced. Having owned both, I'd say they are...
  3. CZ 457 Varmint MTR

    I have a couple of CZ 457's and a pair of Bergara M14R's. ( I almost bought a Vudoo but didn't want to wait 5 months for delivery. Besides it seems they are still working out feeding issues on the $3500 three60 model) , Anyway, after some trials with various high end ammo, I'd say that my stock...
  4. Ruger aficionados: Will a Ruger 22/45 MK III frame/grip fit on a MK II 22/45 barrel assy?

    Admittedly, the MK IV frames have dried up a bit in the last year. I still see MK II and III are still around if your diligent. Picked up a MK III 22/45 frame last year for a Volquartsen Scorpion build I was hot on at the time. Just set up search's on either site and wait for them to notify you.
  5. Ruger aficionados: Will a Ruger 22/45 MK III frame/grip fit on a MK II 22/45 barrel assy?

    If you shop around ( Ebay, gunbroker, etc) , you can usually find used MK II/III grip frames. I've bought several MK II/III and Iv frames and have done the grip milling mod myself on at least one. I have also modified some 1911 grips to fit that milled grip although both have been long traded off.
  6. Small .45 for CC

    I had a SW Shield45 that I liked quite a bit. It was the performance center version so already had a decent trigger. It was more handfilling and controllable than the 9mm shield and yet slim and light. Foolishly sold it off along the way for some reason.....
  7. WTB Ruger MK IV Pistol/Frame

    Looking for a Ruger MK IV ( or even a bare MK IV frame) for a project gun. Not interested in anything already all tricked out with expensive add on's. All models considered at the right price.
  8. What's your favorite .22 LR rifle? (Non semi auto)

    New favorite. Started as a CZ 457 American in 17 hmr and ended up in .22 lr like this. Not much of the original gun left but it was a fun project and shoots Sub MOA with SK and Eley match.
  9. WTT H 4350 powder WTB / WTT

    Looking for a pound or so to experiment with 6.5 Creedmoor rounds. I have cash but could also trade a variety of handgun powders or possibly some primers of equal value. Located in teh Fall River area but would drive up to 45 min or so.
  10. What's your favorite .22 LR rifle? (Non semi auto)

    Ok, going to throw another Bergara B14R into the mix. This one sits in a KRG chassis and is stupid accurate with SK Match ammo . I love all 14# of it !
  11. What's your favorite .22 LR rifle? (Non semi auto)

    This thread needs a Bergara 14R. It runs neck and neck with my CZ457 MTR for accuracy and is a joy to shoot. Mine (CF barrel version) was producing one hole 50 yd groups with SK Biathlon Match today.
  12. What's your favorite .22 LR rifle? (Non semi auto)

    Good looking rifle! The B22's are very fine shooters too. Just grabbed this one last month in a factory MTD chassis. It will do 5 shot , dime sized groups at 50 yds with good ammo when I do my part.
  13. WTB CZ 457 - Any caliber or configuration

    Price according to location , model and condition. Looking for a project gun. Face to face sale only. Let me know what you have
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