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  1. Taxidermists in S.E New Hampshire

    looking for a taxidermist to do an antler/skull plate for me,but also looking for one in case I get lucky, I am over due. Thanks
  2. Marlin 336 JM stamp assistance

    check the loading gate screw, it happen to me before. I bought a used 336 in .35 rem and the loading gate screw backed off a little, but that was enough to jam the lever.
  3. In need of a safe, current Winchester died

    Don't buy a Canon safe, they filed for bankruptcy, and no one answers there phones ( the 1-800 # or the other number that I used to contact them before). Is any one familiar with the Browning safes ?
  4. What did you do to your firearm today.

    Well, I almost pulled the trigger on getting a new to me Savage 99 in .300 Savage. If it had a tang safety instead of the lever safety ( I am left handed), it would have gone home with me.
  5. Mess with Red Bull, get the horns

    I bet they look good when hit with a bullet
  6. Looking for gun safe

    How about a decent $ 1500 gun safe in the Epping, N.H. area.
  7. Maine any deer permit.

    I hunted out of Merrill Brook Cabins for several years.
  8. Bear kills dog - Northampton, MA

    I'm not surprised, I know my doxys would go after a bear or any other critter that came near our property.
  9. Maine any deer permit.

    Just applied, seen it on my email (Howland zone 18, and Naples zone 15).
  10. Litchfield man charged with reckless conduct after shooting gun off back deck

    I just went through about 400 rounds off my back deck with my granddaughter.
  11. Fireworks online

    At a 4th of July part we had some helium leftover from the balloons for the kids,so we filled a trash bag with the helium,attached a m80 and a cigarette to the string and let it go.that was pretty cool to watch after it drifted for about 5 min. then explode.
  12. Pity the poor panda during the pandemic; or not...

    Tell us how you really feel.;)
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