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    Hey guys! Been here for a while but not really ever as a legit shop of sorts. I do not have a customer-facing shop but I have a pretty decent website and a lot of unique product offerings that I stock and ship myself, namely... -Adjustable gas blocks for AR15/AR10 platform rifles. Basically...
  2. Non-Resident CCW post-Bruen

    Just wondered what would happen if I applied for a non-resident CCW permit in MA now that SCOTUS has trounced everyone with Bruen.
  3. New Dealer Query

    Hey there! Just snagged a dealer membership so I can advertise my products. Just wondering how I get my own little section for that?
  4. WTS Original Armalite Magazine Dies

    Up for sale are a set of magazine stamps/dies that were pulled from the Armalite factory back in the 1970s when they mostly closed up shop. I snapped these up from an old time gun parts dealer back in California who didn't want them around anymore and I have since decided to offer them for sale...
  5. WTS 1982 F.I.E. SPAS-12

    Now is your chance to live out your Terminator and Jurassic Park fantasies. Bound through the woods saying "Clever Girl!" as you hunt woods tigers or go trap shooting and be "the dude" on the line. This is an early original FIE stamped receiver, before they went bankrupt due to changing laws...
  6. WTS Saiga 7.62x39 Converted Rifle, single or pair

    This is a pair of identically configured Saiga AK-47 rifles in 7.62x39. These rifles have been converted from straight stock to standard configuration but have not had the feed ramps installed, that is still bone stock. Bolt-on charging handle additions are in place, gives the rifle a nice...
  7. Only one in the World? Finn P-28 Mosin Nagant

    I made the appropriate notation in my record sheet. What a cool rifle and a total trip. When I read that you had a P-28 I thought you just had an M-28 as it wouldn't be the first time someone made that error but damn, talk about getting snubbed! Thank you for your contribution. I am going to...
  8. Shooting while pregnant?

    Not a doctor but my impression of pregnancy is this... Until the auditory system is developed, shooting should be fine. After development begins, no bueno. The womb is a liquid sound chamber. If you shoot, I would use subsonic rounds outside or something. Airguns might be nice to plink with...
  9. SHOT SHOW 2014--Who's going?

    I am going. Have gone for the last 3 years, it's been a blast. Delivered by Serenity
  10. What Ammo Shortage?

    Only the dumb ones. Luckily there are plenty of them.
  11. EVERY SHOOTER Should Get a C&R FFL!

    C&r license is very cool to have. Highly recommend it.
  12. Homemade file knife

    That's rad. I love it
  13. Mark Dice Gets Californians to Sign Petition to Repeal 2A

    Sorry about my people. Sent from my SPH-L710 using Tapatalk 2
  14. Most expensive BCG lol

    That is very, very clever.
  15. SHTF EDC/BOB Backpacks

    I thought that too but I must say that the quality is superb. Buy once, cry once.
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