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  1. S&W Recalls M&P12 Shotguns After 2 Cracked Barrels

    Any M&P12 shotgun built prior to last week (10/15/21) needs to be returned to Smith & Wesson ASAP: https://www.ezgun.net/pub/media/rebates/incentives/Recall-MP12Shotguns-RecallNotice2021.pdf
  2. Child with a stolen handgun

    But it gets the job done: https://rarehistoricalphotos.com/saigon-execution-1968/
  3. Speer Gold Dot Self Defense Ammo?

    Clearing the chamber to store the gun, then placing the same round on top of the stack and re-chambering it over and over can definitely produce a reduced-length cartridge and possibly result in a pressure spike when it's fired
  4. What's your favorite .22 LR rifle? (Non semi auto)

    Yes, pump action, tube magazine and takedown, the receiver resembles the Winchester 92 and 94 shape. It's deep in the safe, but I'll try to get a pic one of these days. Saw another one posted above in this thread. I guess they were popular back in the day.
  5. What's your favorite .22 LR rifle? (Non semi auto)

    Winchester 1890 Octagon barrel gallery gun, shoots only shorts. Remington 581, plain-Jane cousin of the 541, just as accurate.
  6. Naked NJ Meat Mogul Grabs Gun After Getting Fed Up With Car Thieves

    I bet they never steal from Satriale's Pork Store.
  7. What should I know about an early model S&W 29?

    Some of the early ones weren't the strongest. They tweaked the frames and the mechanicals in one of the later 29-dash versions. Not sure of the dash series, but the later ones will stand up to more and heavier loads. The NES experts will chime in soon. I think the 6.5" barrel was a later...
  8. What rifle ammo are you using for taking deer?

    Your 150 grain SP loads should be fine. Lots of theories here, but there are only a couple of ways to drop a deer instantly regardless of caliber or bullet weight. Unless the spine or brain is hit, a shot that breaks both shoulders is about the only other instant stopper. Deer can run for a...
  9. What rifle ammo are you using for taking deer?

    Every ammo company has cartridges designed for taking specific-sized animals, .30-06 being one of the most popular. If you can find a few different brands with a deer on the label (good luck), see how they hit the target at the range. Many of the ammo producers are loading premium bullets from...
  10. Karma 1911 Tool

  11. Famous gun-toting women

    There's totin' and then there's this: https://nypost.com/2021/05/02/inmate-who-smuggled-gun-in-her-vagina-sentenced-to-10-years-in-prison/
  12. Springfield MA area meetup ON 9/10/21 AT Hampden House discussion inside

    Northampton just voted for full masks at all indoor locations. Easthampton leaning that way, too.
  13. First rifle for 13 year boy ?

    Several .22s in the classifieds. https://www.northeastshooters.com/xen/threads/ruger-american-rimfire-compact.417110/
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