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  1. First Gun Purchase

    Was going to suggest this, and I don't even own one (have shot one though, if that counts) For the price, this looks to be one of the better deals going for a 'new' gun in MA. Spending $500 (or likely more) for a used glock on your first purchased kind of takes the fun out of knowing you're the...
  2. Anyone use BJ's or Costco Tire Center?

    Echoing what was said above ^^, years ago used the BJ's in NH for my previous WRX and was happy with the service and cost.
  3. The pistol carbine 9mm - Novelty or purpose

    That original pic is not mine, just one I grabbed offline quickly to reference, apologies for any confusion. The 'Non' SBR version has the 'brace' stock which looks like this: Micro RONI Stabilizer Professional Kit
  4. Winter Extras Kept in Your Vehicle

    Gloves, winter hat, windbreaker (with hood), cheap ponchos, backup battery banks (Amper, Jackery), folding knife, wool blanket, few granola bars & honey packets. Depending on the time of year, sometimes a folding bike
  5. The pistol carbine 9mm - Novelty or purpose

    I agree. Even a basic pistol 'accessory' such as the non-SBR 'brace' CAA offers (i.e. Micro Roni) can significantly increase accuracy, target acquisition, and follow up shots on target within a relatively confined environment; while allowing additional accessories (red dot, flash light, sling...
  6. Ever Completely humbled by your gun snobbery?

    Have to admit I used to complain about how ugly the SR-series was, until I shot an SR9C. Ended up buying one the next day. While it may not be my favorite gun, it's up there. I also have no need for a Springfield XD or XDS (currently have a G43), but really like what I see and hear about them
  7. Gold and silver prices are down

    This is bad news, it was already getting to be annoying with the premiums built in over spot, with the tax it will definitely have me purchasing elsewhere
  8. New Acquisitions October 2019

    Following the recent 'storm' we lost power for a few days, providing a perfect opportunity to identify opportunities to be a little more prepared. Lots of good feedback here and elsewhere on the Jackery, so I went with their Explorer 500 model (that, and the fact it was on sale for $429.99 at...
  9. G43 Holster update

    I use a Tulster and have been very happy with it: Glock 43/43X IWB/AIWB Kydex Holster - Profile Holster - Right Hand Then again, I went with Tulster because mine also has the TLR-6 light on it. Otherwise, there appear to be a number of solid options available.
  10. New Sedans, Manuals

    FWIW, the last model of the BMW 340i (prior to the M340i) was available in manual (I know, because I test drove the manual version, although I ended up buying the automatic unfortunately so the gf could also drive it). My past two cars prior to the current 340i Xdrive were WRX's (2013, 2016)...
  11. Tavor X95: Weapons that are not copies or duplicates of Assault Weapons

    I know details are sparce, but is the Tavor 7 expected to come in just .308?
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