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  1. Does your spouse know how many guns you own?

    Sounds like you were married to my ex's twin, or at least her soul-sister. Only part of that third paragraph that would be different in my house with Lady Radtekk is that she would say: "Only one? Not getting one for yourself also?" Hell, she still regrets me not getting in on the cannon group...
  2. BLM Protests Overwhelming Peaceful

    Lady Radtekk asked if I had input with the space laser folks. I told her that if I did, Cambridge would be an ash-filled crater by now.
  3. Question for Landowners

    Just got back from Rural King a bit ago. Kinda like Walmart for rednecks. But with good ol' boy customer service. They have clothes, chickens, plumbing, electrical, tractor (REAL ones, not just lawn mowers) parts, tools, food, critter (bird, chicken, horse, cow, etc) food, everything you'd need...
  4. Question for Landowners

    OP is welcome to come shoot at my "range" any time. Well, provided I'm home that is. But it's a little far from MA if 4 hours to ME is too far. But once you get down here to God's country in Eastern Tennessee you may not want to go back...
  5. Memorial Day.

    Some of them are coming home still. I pray your brother does also, soon. https://www.military.com/daily-news/2021/05/30/pearl-harbor-love-story-finds-its-end-79-year-later.html
  6. Good day at the range

    Took my nephew to the range a while back. Handed him my GP100 6" 357, explained how it sighted and functioned as he'd never held a revolver before. He'd shot several semi-autos already and is a strapping young man so the recoil didn't concern me. At 25 feet he aims, fires SA, dead nuts center in...
  7. Supreme court case against NJ magazine restriction

    In my not even remotely humble opinion, my 60 round AR schmeisser and 75 round AK drums are "standard" capacity. If I had the $ I'd have 100 round betas for all of my AR's. 10 rounders are door stops down here in FreeMerica.
  8. Classified translator

    I have 2 AR's and a shotgun still in the original boxes. The AR's are actually still separated uppers and lowers. I have a 1911 I bought used, shot a few times, bought an E-series, haven't shot the other in 5+ years. Lady Radtekk's Mustang 380 hasn't seen natural sunlight in the same period of...
  9. To sell or not to sell

    Random notes... Even though the "original" AWB sunsetted, MA kept it. And has since made it worse. Dunno what free-ish states would do if it, or something similar, came back federally. Guns are great to have. Useless without ammo. AK ammo has gone less retard price-wise than anything else...
  10. Moving out of MA - Change of Address (yes, another thread about that...)

    Lol. IDGAF what "authoritah" somebody may have IN MA. I no longer reside IN MA. I have zero plans to ever step foot IN MA again. I am no longer subject to MA lawrs. Maura can take a flying f*** at a rolling doughnut.
  11. How many magazines?

    I may go counting...
  12. No Step On Snek !!

    I have a few around my house and shop. They're all named George. Haven't seen a mouse in months.
  13. Deals and steals

    View: https://youtu.be/HgRE6BPhN2I
  14. LEO take on FTF AK sale

    How does a butterfly hold a knife? Or actually carry it? Who takes a bow to a zoo? To hunt what, exactly?
  15. How many magazines?

    Was just thinking back... @mclina once posted he wanted enough mags to make a wall to hide behind, or something similar. Maybe he'll stop by and refresh my memory...
  16. How many magazines?

    "Extra" mags are like "extra" guns or "extra" ammo. No such thing. I have 3 AR's in go bags, each has 6 loaded mags. Another dozen+ loaded in the mag drawer. Lost count of the unloaded ones. Roughly similar idea for the AK's, in fact just bought 6 more yesterday. When S&W was pushing the...
  17. Does your spouse know how many guns you own?

    Lolol.... First answer, from me: No, she doesn't, but neither do I. Second answer, from her: I don't even know how many *I* own. Third answer, from both of us: more than a few, not as many as too much. Followed by: Oh, I forgot about that one...
  18. Its 2021 so any gun shows scheduled?

    Just had one of many last weekend. Working on the house so didn't go, but there will be plenty more, with actual guns.
  19. The problem with "5 boxes of this, 2 boxes of that, and some of those".

    Lady Radtekk calls it "ammo tetris". She likes laughing at me while I try to rearrange. Not ocd, just trying to fit 8 lbs of crap into a 5 lb bag...
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