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  1. S&W k/l frame 3" owb holster help?

    Same here! I love my crossbreed Kydex holster for my firearms but there is just something about leather on a 686.
  2. S&W k/l frame 3" owb holster help?

    That holster looks like good quality but I think myself am looking for something that sits a little higher up on my side.
  3. S&W k/l frame 3" owb holster help?

    What did you find for your 686 plus? I'm in the market for one also.
  4. Gunvault SpeedVault SV500 gun fit?

    Well I took the gamble I got it for under $150 shipped to the house this week. Went to a few shops and there are asking almost $200 are they crazy???
  5. Gunvault SpeedVault SV500 gun fit?

    Is there anyone here that stores a SR9C in the SV500 if so how is it for fitting a smaller size gun? If you have this combo can you check if it is practicle. This will help me decide if I will drop the $$
  6. Ammo Can safe-lock system.

    And its post's like this that keep me a green member for years to come.
  7. Ammo Can safe-lock system.

    Cool! your craftsmanship would be most welcome.
  8. Ammo Can safe-lock system.

    Check it out, I gave the Ammo Can safe-lock system from http://www.majorsurplus.com/Ammo-Can-Lock-A-3-Piece-Can-It-System-2-Pack-P15077.aspx a try and Im happy as a clam. Cant go wrong for the price and it keeps little hands out and keeps you leagal. easy and simple and shipping was fast.
  9. Molle backpacks.

    This is the best pack I have ever purched http://www.majorsurplus.com/Mil-Pack-45-P13870C2352.aspx Our 45 liter pack measures 26"T x 17"W x 9"D. Main compartment 21½"T x 14"W x 8"D, two side pouches measure 12"T x 6"W x 2½"D each have covered nylon zippers. Top compartment with zipper access is...
  10. How can I find a specific target?

    Rep point for you, thanks
  11. How can I find a specific target?

    It has been a long time since I saw it on NES. It is a round pie cut target and each pie slice gives you a idea of you what you might be doing Pulling left, pulling right, slapping the trigger anticipating the shot. Where can I find it or what is it called so I can locate it? even better a .pdf...
  12. Crossbreed holster sliding.

    I have my belt pretty tight and I just got myself a good wide carry belt this weekend that I am now wearing. How tight are we talking? The weight of my rig sags slightly on my carry side. I don't want to loose feeling in my lower half. I understand carrying concealed is not all about comfort but...
  13. Crossbreed holster sliding.

    My Crossbreed holster is sliding around toward the small of my back. I like it more at rest at the point where my hands are by my side when I am standing upright. I have been doing a lot of sitting today just trying to relax but my carry rig has a mind of its own. Anybody else know what I'm...
  14. First real sturdy belt............. night and day difference!

    Hey Listen I just got a nice thick brown belt, I wanted black but no black in my size Flint Armament in Fall River has quite a few in stock and the best price I have seen $ 27.99 and let me tell you a good belt is night and day check it out.
  15. First real sturdy belt............. night and day difference!

    I will do this tonight and see what number I get. This is what they said. Thanks for contacting us. If you are wearing a 38 jean and using the belt for CC then most people are going up 2 sizes. I can;t guarantee this will work but it is what most of our customers are doing so a 42 belt...
  16. First real sturdy belt............. night and day difference!

    I shot them an email with my question I will let you know what they say.
  17. First real sturdy belt............. night and day difference!

    Amish Belts Black question. I just started to legally CC. I can wear a 36 waist size but now that I started carrying I have gone up to a 38 wile I carry for more room and comfort that is why I am having trouble figuring the correct belt size belt can you please help? 40 might be way to big.
  18. G&A Choose Your First Holster

    A good bunch of information on CCW Holsters. As important as it is to select an effective firearm, all of its positive qualities are worthless if it’s locked away in a strong box somewhere when you need it. After going through all of the time and expense to obtain a carry permit and pistol...
  19. Crossbreed leather conditioner?

    Got my crossbreed holster in and it is now well broken in, I love this holster. I want to keep this thing nice, nice for a long time. What are you applying for leather conditioner? It is recommended to use a cream type product on the leather what do you got?
  20. sugestions for a good holster (glock 36)

    I was surfing the crossbreed holster website and they cough my eye I have never used one but they look like they take pride in there product.
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