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  1. Cabela's ruling a warning shot against gun rights

  2. SOLD GT Avalanche 3.0 mountain bike

  3. Magnetic Ammo Can Labels

    So for while now I had been meaning to find a good way to label my ammo cans that wasn't permanent as I wasn't going to dedicate certain cans to specific calibers and needed the ability to label cans with more than one caliber at a time as I had some calibers mixed together. I found this guys...
  4. Dems want probe in to SEC official related to banks gun policy

    Senate Dems want watchdog to probe if SEC official tried to pressure bank on gun policies "Senate Democrats want the top watchdog at the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) to investigate if a commissioner tried to influence Citigroup to reverse new policies restricting business with...
  5. Sen. Elizabeth Warren asks gun company shareholders to push firms to reduce gun violence

    PIOnline : Subscription Center "Sen. Elizabeth Warren, D-Mass., sent letters to nine major gun company shareholders Tuesday requesting that the shareholders use their financial leverage to ensure the gun companies take steps to reduce gun violence."
  6. Boston has highest number of licensed gun owners in state

    Boston has highest number of licensed gun owners in state "Boston 25 News found more than 100,000 new gun licenses were issued to Mass. residents over the past five years. Boston has the most license holders, following by Springfield, Worcester and Plymouth. In 2018, Plymouth saw a six percent...
  7. Columbine inspired shooting in PA supermarket

    News story https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/morning-mix/wp/2017/06/09/killer-in-supermarket-shooting-posted-chilling-videos-online-lauding-columbine-massacre/ Liveleak video of the perp. He was clearly unhinged. https://www.liveleak.com/view?i=126_1497315955
  8. LGBT protest NRA discount through Fedex

  9. New NRA Magazine Option

    I figured I'd post this here in case anyone else didn't notice. The NRA started offering Shooting Illustrated as a magazine option this month. I've been getting American Rifleman since I first joined but I think SI is going to be a good choice going forward based on my interests which generally...
  10. Storing rendered bacon fat

    So a while ago my wife read a blog post or something about keeping your bacon fat as part of a SHTF/survival strategy. I think it was last year that we started keeping it. We would cook our bacon, often in a baking tray in the oven, then pour the fat through some cheese cloth in to a mason jar...
  11. Snoop: I’m Unloading Guns From My 401(k)

    A bunch of celebrities pushing activist investing.
  12. Century GP 1975 length of trigger pull

    I wanted to see what others might have as far as a trigger pull on your AK based on a recent purchase I made. I have three AK's currently of a similar platform and two have one length of pull while the third which I just got today has a longer pull which I noticed when I got home with it...
  13. WTS PA/band sound equipment

    Location : North Attleboro, MA Description : 2 EV N/D 468 instrument mics 1 EV N/D 868 bass drum mic 7-10ish xlr cables 1 sony auxiliary cable for hooking up an mp3 player, phone, tablet, etc..... to the mixer 1 Mackie CFX12 MKII mixer + travel case 1 low-height weighted On Stage mic...
  14. CT school assignment says no right under 2A

    School: Americans Don?t Have Right to Bear Arms | FOX News & Commentary: Todd Starnes They indoctrinate them young.
  15. Rahm Emanuel at it again

    We just had some guy call our company telling us to divest any investments in gun companies because of this moonbat. Needless to say I filed the request in my circular file. READ: Rahm Emanuel Sends Letters to Mutual Funds Urging Them to Blacklist Gun Manufacturers That Oppose Gun Safety Laws...
  16. MIC Holster

    So recently I had been looking in to getting a holster for one of my full size pistols as I wanted to try carrying something larger than the PPK/S I had been carrying around since getting my upgraded license. I don't have a bunch of spare coin right now to spend on a crazy nice leather holster...
  17. UTS-15 shotgun

    I don't believe that this has been posted here yet. It looks like it's direct competition for the KSG. http://utasturk.com/products/tactial-shotguns/uts-15-specifications.html
  18. Defending Self-defense

    http://www.cavalierdaily.com/2010/10/19/defending-self-defense/ Not a bad article written for the University of Virginia news.
  19. Word doubling

    I'm not sure if anyone else has noticed but I just had this happen on one of my posts and I have seen similar things happen on others posts. Basically a word at the edge of the text box or whatever it is called gets doubled. If you read a post fast you might not notice it but it'll be something...
  20. Alternative communication options

    After doing some thinking I figured that in an emergency situation whether minor or severe one shouldn't completely rely on something like a cellphone for communication. I'd imagine in a severe situation that the grid that cellphones rely on would eventually go down and possibly land lines. I...
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