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  1. 7/20 and fugitives from justice

    http://www.lectlaw.com/def/f062.htm ATF form 4473: Healey claims anyone who owned an AR in MA since 1998 has committed a felony. She made statements about pre-7/20 "immunity," but does not have the power to prevent local DAs or future AGs from prosecuting based on her guidance. If an...
  2. Maurahealey.org domain available

    If any of you internet savvy types are interested in owning it. That is all.
  3. Chris Costa training MA LEOs

    There's a video on fb of Costa demonstrating prone one handed (presumably injured) shooting to police somewhere in MA. https://www.facebook.com/Official.Chris.Costa Do you guys think this is a good use of scarce police resources? For a typical police officer who shoots once or twice a year...
  4. How to take a gun away from your attacker

    Just wanted to share this video for everyone's benefit. It's comprehensive view on how to disarm a determined attacker in an explosive, critical and dynamic manner. http://youtu.be/H54Zan6myWw
  5. Boston mayoral candidate Mike Ross seeks to ban hi-cap mags in California

    Ross' platform contains this statement (emphasis mine): Looks like someone did a copy-paste job. Or he thinks the Mayor of Boston can enact legislation in California. Either way, nice work. http://www.universalhub.com/files/ross-ps.pdf
  6. The knockdown power of handguns

    I thought this anecdote was pretty interesting. What I learned from getting shot - Salon.com
  7. How would you handle this insulting anti-gun comment from a coworker?

    These are the people I deal with in an academic setting. "So what are you doing this weekend?" "The usual. There's a match on Sunday." "You're really into guns, huh?" "Sort of, I'm into competing, practicing a lot to try and improve." "It's good that you're channeling your...
  8. Kokoro Combatives

    Has anyone trained with these guys, and would you recommend them? Are they respected in the industry? http://youtu.be/freGaRqQvII
  9. Lugnut makes Master in USPSA Production Division

    Congratulations to Dave! He's definitely been putting in the work. [cheers]
  10. Struggling to name your firearms training business? Maybe I can help.

    Looking through the list of training companies who advertise on NES, it's clear that these established businesses took a lot of effort in choosing their name. When customers choose to spend their scarce training dollars between Practical Defense Firearms Training and Tactical Dynamics Firearms...
  11. Weak hand tactical draw

    I found this tactical video that teaches the right way to draw and fire after you get shot in the strong hand (skip ahead to 1:33). Are operators using this technique pretty often out in the streets? And should I think about switching to a Beretta because the open top slide would be less prone...
  12. Enough of the ZOMG AR PARTS IN STOCK!!!!!!!!!!! posts

    Stop feeding the hysteria and building the illusion of permanent scarcity. Everyone will be able to get all ARs and parts they want. There's no ban on the horizon. Relax. I give my rant a 1 out of 10.
  13. Gun found on Jamaica Plain daycare playground?

    Anyone hear anything on the scanner? A daycare employee reluctantly told me a firearms was found on the playground. It's my kid's daycare in my work building. Scary.
  14. Would you guys please stop victimizing police officers?

    Cops are running out of bullets. Thank the NRA - Salon.com
  15. A conservative case for an assault weapons ban

    Op-ed in the LA Times:
  16. Fuddery at AR-15 manufacturer Tactical Arms

    In today's Herald: “Our sole business being the assault rifle, it is a concern that it will literally put us out of business,” said Ken Rinkor, vice president of Tactical Arms Manufacturer Inc. in Huntersville, N.C. “That is not for us to determine. If the general public decides to vote the...
  17. Show us your pistol dryfire drills

    These days 99% of my practice time is spent in my basement as opposed to the range, for about 6 hours of dryfire per week. I'm getting kind of bored with my routine so I'd love to see what other people are doing so I can change things up a bit and learn new things. Specifically, post some video...
  18. NRA telemarketing... WTF?

    So I just answered an 877 number on my cell against my better judgement. I let the NRA guy give his lengthy pitch for a VERY early $85 3 year renewal in order to help defeat Obama, after which I thanked him for the call and began to politely decline. The dude hung up on me right after I...
  19. USPSA Harvard July 8

    Good to see everyone today. A couple vids... John http://youtu.be/LKLpW2_LpuY Bill http://youtu.be/9xdNm1JMh_k
  20. Interesting gun safety advice from the VA

    The central office released this pamphlet urging family to keep guns away from veterans with dementia: http://www1.va.gov/vhapublications/ViewPublication.asp?pub_ID=1186 Among other questionable advice is: If you have questions regarding gun safety, please see your care provider. I've...
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