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  1. Called out for not wearing a mask

    The young kids in grocery stores and restaurants are being forced by employers to wear their masks for sanitization theater
  2. What to look for in a Python?

    I blame the Walking Dead for the price increase. Tim at Gartman told me to watch out for timing on Pythons and that it was tough to fix, just passing it along
  3. Looking for info or comments on Hi Point carbines

    Fun to shoot and cheap, I would not rely on it for self defense
  4. There's a new badass in town; "Mike from Massachusetts"

    It would be a shame if something happend to him, but you can't track down a twitter account can you.....
  5. F. Lee Bailey brash lawyer in high-profile trials, dies

    Not his first, he had an emergancy landing while serving in Korea He studied at Harvard College but dropped out in 1952 to join the United States Navy and later transferred to the Marine Corps.[5] He was commissioned as an officer and, following flight training, received his Naval Aviator...
  6. F. Lee Bailey brash lawyer in high-profile trials, dies

    Lost all respect for him in the OJ trial..... Was he killed by a one armed man?
  7. Called out for not wearing a mask

    Roche Brothers in Millis has gone maskless for the vaccinated, leading to the ridulous situation where all the old employees don't need them but the kids working there have to wear a mask
  8. Old, broken, worthless gun? Get $100 or $200 for it at a buyback in Cambridge on June 12! $50 for ammunition.

    Because the a**h***s will take all the crap stupid people turn in, hold a press conference and turn it into a victory for them. Then they will raise money for another one and it energizes the whole damn anti movement. Think about it.
  9. Old, broken, worthless gun? Get $100 or $200 for it at a buyback in Cambridge on June 12! $50 for ammunition.

    You must be new here, the only way to win the game is not to play. Don’t give the bastards more crap for their press conference.
  10. Mother-of-two, 36, is shot dead in 'botched carjacking' on her Orlando driveway by two men who followed her home

    I went the wrong direction on Orange Blossom Trail in Orlando and it sure as heck wasn't Disney.
  11. Opinions on Skeet Instructors

    Angelo prepped my son for the youth nationals. You will find no better.
  12. MA Cannon license

    Rob, You got me in this game. My wife found me MG license app on the kitchen table 10 years ago and looked at me and said “really?” I decided not to apply and you all can call me a p*say but I just clocked 35 years married.
  13. MA Cannon license

    What does the license look like? Half the reason I'd do this is to pull a cool license out of my wallet to show off.
  14. Belgium melts down over 22,000 firearms into recycled steel

    World Wide Gun Companies
  15. Called out for not wearing a mask

    Princess Bride predicts the future!
  16. Market in the toilet who’s buying?

    Hanging in there from April 2020 until today, with some adjusting of my 100% funds holdings, has only resulted in a 19.6% increase in April 2021. I will take those returns Every Single Year. I don't have the stomach for the exotic stuff.
  17. First trip to a gunsmith for a re assembly..... update......i had to fix it myself.

    Dave Santuri bailed me out when I showed up with a box of parts. This was pre YouTube but I still F'ed up. Admit it and get it done right.
  18. Newton Gun Shop getting pushback

    Same with Norwood High, I was on the rifle team from '77-'79, a tough old bird WWII vet was my chem teacher and rifle coach. The rifles were locked in the lab and the rifle bolts were in his briefcase. We use to march out of the high shool with the rifles (minus the bolts) in formation.
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