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  1. WTS 10mm JHP

    Available for sale, 250 rounds of PPU 180gr. JHP 10mm. $190 takes it at 76 cents per pew. I paid .80, selling at a loss because I’m overextended. It’s decent for import ammo. Full powered, never any issues feeding, firing, or ejecting from my 10mm 1911. Can meet in the Dedham area...
  2. Primary Arms experience?

    Looking for an “affordable”scope for a build and was curious if anyone had any experience with either of these models. I have a PA 1-6X that has remarkably clear glass for the price. Curious if the great “bang for buck” translates to all of their products. YouTube seems to think so but I’d love...
  3. WTS MVP .308

    Reluctantly for sale, 16” Mossberg MVP in .308 Used, and loved, I unfortunately need to prioritize. $650 with extras listed, or $500 without. Has seen a number of rounds and I am not the first owner. Shows signs of wear as it has been used, and loved, see pics. Runs like a champ, accurate...
  4. WTS SPF

    AMMO IS SPF Looking to sell at a loss because I need the money for something else. 250 rds. of Fenix “remanufactured” (reloads) 147gr. FMJ 9mm. Runs great! $150 OBRO Can meet in and around the Dedham are on Wednesdays or Sunday mornings. LTC, all laws followed. PM and Thanks for looking.
  5. Lost a good one tonight.

    Sorry to create another one of these. I would’ve put it in the heavy feline content thread, but she deserves her own post. My beloved little girl, Chloe, succumbed to a brief battle with congenital heart failure this evening. We had to make a very tough choice in a matter of minutes. I love...
  6. WTS Sold, please delete.

    Sold Please delete.
  7. WTB .380 or Trade for

    New caliber to me, not looking for large quantities. 200 rds.+/- of range ammo, possibly some defense ammo as well. I don’t have a lot of anything, but I have some of a few things to mix and match. Open to negotiations. Please, view the menu and let me know if you have any questions. More...
  8. WTT Asst. Ammo for 10mm

    Looking to trade assorted ammo for 10mm, brass cased, FMJ, some defense ammo ok, looking to build stock in a new caliber at the wrong time. I have mainly 9mm and .223/5.56. Might be willing to part with some 12ga, though far more limited in that regard. Not looking for a case, just a few...
  9. Bad shoot?

    Haven’t seen this anywhere and I rarely start newsworthy threads. Mods, please feel free to move to off-topic if deemed more appropriate or delete if dupe. Just came across this video. I’m not a cop and have never leveled a firearm at another human. With that said, 5th officer involved...
  10. WTS Sold, please delete.

  11. WTB Sold please delete

    Please delete
  12. WTB Lee Classic

    WTB Lee Classic Loader for .308 and or 9mm. I suppose .223 as well. Trying to get into reloading at the very bottom as I am not in a coffin and am able to make ammo on the couch, apparently. Unfortunately, I need the tools to do so. Will travel or pay for shipping. Thank you
  13. All sold, please delete.

    Sold, Please delete Thank you!
  14. Wrong bolt?

    I recently ordered a Faxon 5.56 BCG from optics planet. Finally took it to the range today and found that perhaps it came with the wrong bolt? It chambered rounds just fine, but wouldn’t eject a single case. Lock up was fine, I charged the rifle a few times at the house with some snap caps and...
  15. WTB .22 Lever gun

    Looking for a lever gun in .22LR for a range toy. I’m close to 95 and willing to travel a reasonable distance. Not looking to spend a fortune. Prefer efa-10, cash. Yes, have a valid LTC, all laws followed. Thank you!
  16. WTB .22 Revolver DA or SA

    Looking to buy a .22LR revolver. Prefer something other than a 617, if I’m buying a K frame, it’ll be a .357. Oddly enough, not opposed to a GP100 as they’re typically cheaper. Or wrangler, or heritage Rough Ryder. Not looking to spend a lot and am in metrowest close to 95. Thanks!
  17. "High-Power" Rifle Decision

    I have a bad habit of purchasing ammo for guns I want before I have them. As such, I am currently in possession of some .308 and need something to shoot it out of. While I have an idea of what I want and some details, I'm still lost as to what might be a good entry into larger caliber rifles...
  18. Shotgun Love

    So, I'm still relatively new to all of this(coming up on a year and need to renew my green) and maybe I'm one of those "Millenials" (I identify as Gen Y) Blindfire is now having to manage and coddle but, I just finished my first box of 3" magnum slugs. *Takes a bow and applies ice* I bought my...
  19. Is this normal? Advice/Opinions please

    Wanted to post a short video, couldn’t make it work. There is a solid 1/16” of vertical play in the slide/barrel of my VP9. This is the only handgun I own so have no comparisons available. Approximately 1,200 rounds through the gun, functions flawlessly, point of aim is high with regards to...
  20. Fighting Back

    For any of you familiar with Taofledermaus, Officer Greg and Danny, you may have already seen this. For those of you who are not familiar, go check out his youtube channel. Mainly exotic and homemade shotgun slug tests. Some of his older work involves mercury, acid, wax slugs and test tubes...
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