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  1. What's the trampoline for?

    There was a trampoline on the sporting clays course today. I thought it was trash that was being stored on the stage. First time I have seen used like this [vid] ]View: https://youtu.be/pE23Vz9eKX0[/wid]
  2. Business End Custom STI 2011

    Business End Customs was nice enough to put this little blaster together for me STI frame and slide STI barrel STI grip safety EGW hammer, sear and disconnect Ed Brown safety Dawson sights Black graphite cerakote The gun locks up super tight, is smooth like butter and has been 100%...

    You guys are missing a great match that isn't that far away
  4. Spring Blast USPSA

    Last weekend was the Spring Blast. 8 Stages 250 rounds. All up close and fast. If you want to hose, this is the match to shoot. Plus it is well run and goes smoothly. All for $40. I would put this match on par with area matches and the nationals. here are a couple of stages
  5. Well, you zombie lovers have queered up more gear, first ammo now this WTF

    Is this a joke? First zombie ammo, now this abortion. This faggotry needs to stop. http://www.ondutygear.com/blog/eotechs-xps2-z-zombie-stopper-hws-holographic-weapons-sight/2012/01/
  6. USPSA Stage with a different view

    One of my shooting buddies mounted the camera to a wall, thought it was neat video, with a different perspective that you don't normally see
  7. Long Island Championship USPSA

    The Long Island Championship was this weekend and it was a great match. 9 stage, lowest round count was 29. Good combination of hard and easy fast shots. One of the better stages gave you an option to shoot some static closer, but left you shooting a texas star further out, or shoot around NS...
  8. Harvard 7-10 USPSA

    Thanks to the Harvard crew for putting on a good match today. I was fun to shoot there again. Here is a quick video
  9. Old Bridge NJ USPSA

    Last weekend I made the trip over to Old Bridge NJ for a USPSA match. It was my first time shooting there and I was impressed. The stage designs were excellent, it was like a little area match. A good combo of hard and easy shots. Some swinger, disappearing targets and texas star. The stages...
  10. Long Island Spring Blast report

    Yesterday I shot the LIPSA Spring Blast. 8 stage 237 rounds. Basically 8 30 round stages no classifier. The Stages were well designed, but pretty straight forward. No memory stages. There was definitely a bias to speed over accuracy. Couple of stages had empty gun starts with 10 round...
  11. Long Island gun stores raided

    http://www.nassaucountyny.gov/agencies/DA/NewsReleases/2011/021711gunshops.htm Multiple gun shop were raided for selling illegal "Assault weapons" Nassau County DA is taking the position that a pinned stock in not permanent "Rice said that shop owners were breaking the law by temporarily...
  12. Nordic NC22 .22lr AR Review

    A couple of months ago i picked up a Nordic Components NC22 18" upper. Since then I have put about 4k+ rounds through it. So here is a review of the upper Nordic Comp NC22 website The Nordic is a complete upper with a free float hand guard and a stainless steel barrel in 16", 18" or 20". The...
  13. Aimpoint Micro R-1 $299

    Midway is having a sale on the Micro $299 http://www.midwayusa.com/viewProduct/?productNumber=913115?cm_cat=Cart&cm_pla=ProductDesc
  14. What is the best shot you have made?

    What is the best shot everyone has made? not the luckiest, but the best. The one were you knew you had hit the target before the bullet had. When you knew before you tried that you were going to hit it. Mine was actually caught on tape awhile back. the last shot before I moved, I snake the...
  15. Topton Rifle Match review

    I went to the rifle match in Topton PA. Great match, a good combination of different kinds of shooting, some up close fast shots, some longer shots out to 200 yards, a lot of kneeling and prone shooting. A couple of drop turners and a swinger. It was a good test of all skills. It was scored...
  16. USPSA Shotgun match Topton PA

    I went to a shotgun match in PA today. 7 great stage, tons of fun, well worth the drive. If you have a chance to go, I definitely recommend it It was my first big match with the Saiga, unfortunately it still has some bugs that need to be worked out. especially the safety engaging itself...
  17. Manville 7-18

    Thanks to everyone that came out, we got a late start but everything ran smooth and we got out early Thanks for getting the scores up quickly Matt http://uspsa-ne.org/results/20100718_manville.txt Congrats to Nick Jr
  18. Noidlight makes Master

    Congrats to Rob for making USPSA Master. The practice and hard work is paying off.
  19. 9mm 125g @ 1360fps thru an M&P? no load data

    I made some loads for my M&P. I couldn't find any data for this, so I just filled the case with powder and crammed it all down with the bullet I wonder what will happen when I light this off? will the gun glock on me? will I light the atmosphere on fire will I launch myself back in...
  20. Independent Sportman's Rifle Match

    Great match today at Independent. It was fun to get the rifles out in the sun. Thanks to everyone that put on the match Here is a video of stage 3 http://www.vimeo.com/11386623 Score are up http://independentclub.homestead.com/ScoresActionRifle/ISC_Action_Rifle_Shoot_2010-05-01.txt
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