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  1. New Acquisitions July 2020 - Firearms Only

    I was doing homework on this rifle. Is it as good as the reports? any pros and cons?
  2. New Acquisitions July 2020 - Firearms Only

    Its been a wile since I purchased a new firearm. last firearm I got was a SR22 when they first came out. What do you think?
  3. New Acquisitions for November 2013

    Good find Ray I like it.
  4. New Acquisitions for October

    Are you going to show that off at Woodcock Rd?
  5. Show me your first gun!

    Something like this chambered in .H2O, pre-ban.
  6. New Acquisitions for December 2010

    Squished nice piece. JURGENG Its the little things in life right?
  7. New Acquisitions for December 2010

    What do you think?
  8. Just took a pic of my collection

    your Ruger 10/22 looks the same as mine what kind of glass do you have on it?
  9. Finally changed AK to Russian Red Furniture

    Love it what a great job!!!
  10. Show me your AK

    OOOOOOOOOO I see now RPK, I Didnt know. learn something new every day wikipedia is a boat load of info Ruchnoy Pulemyot Kalashnikovan to add to my wish list please.
  11. Show me your AK

    I can recall someone telling me a bipod would look funny on a AK I love the way thay looks Adam.
  12. Show off your favorite gun

    I Hate You!!! [wink]
  13. Romanian semi autos

    We need to use that pic for the new NES calender.
  14. New acquisitions for May 2008

    I think I need to take you as a guest to my range [smile] nice catch Vic.
  15. New acquisitions for May 2008

    [laugh] stop it will ya!!!
  16. New acquisitions for May 2008

    I got this can to hold all my ammo @ the fall river army surpluss store on south main St. and thanks to Madmarc @ ZHA I got my 20 round mag for the AK. As I was going out the door I saw Stoneypete and shot the shit with him for a few. Wow thats 2 NES members I ran into this week. I love this fourm.
  17. New acquisitions for April 2008

    Its not wood but Its good [smile]
  18. New acquisitions for January 2008

    Clean Hat's off to Marc at ZHR for the great service helping us with Dez's new mosin I love the shop and the addition came out awesome thank you. It's not the best pic in the world plus my dog is a ham.
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