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  1. Ashland LTC?

    anyone have any info on applying in Ashland?
  2. Bought a Beretta M9

    at Four Seasons today. I carried one in Army and hated it and said I'd never buy one. It was available and price was right. I'm looking to ship it to Langdon Tactical for NP3 and trigger job. Any other recommendations?
  3. AG Garland Will Target Domestic Terrorism

    guess who the domestic terrorists are? YOU and ME! Nothing about the riots over the summer where Antifa and the Anarchists taking over major cities, it's the gun owning white terrorists. The Dems will never let a good riot go to waste as long as they can use it to their advantage. Make no...
  4. Deranged Liberals

    Last week on RT.12 in Leominster a deranged women pulls up on my right and starts screaming at me, beeping her horn and giving me the finger screaming,"f*** you and Trump". She's truly losing her mind so I wave and let her pull in front of me. I beep and wave and she's losing it , I guess she...
  5. Covid Shots at VA

    I just called Bedford VA and if you're in the system you're good to go. I have appointment for 3:15 pm today. If not American Legion says you can walk in with DD214, I'll report back later after I return.
  6. Lowell LTC?

    What's the latest on applying for a LTC in Lowell? I'm taking a former co-worker shooting Thursday and he's be applying as soon as he completes his course.
  7. Michael Anton/The Coming Coup

    Read it and weep. "Democrats are laying the groundwork for revolution right in front of our eyes. As if 2020 were not insane enough already, we now have Democrats and their ruling class masters openly talking about staging a coup. You might have missed it, what with the riots, lockdowns and...
  8. William McGurn from WSJ Just Received his LTC

    writes his weekly column on receiving his LTC in NJ. Hasn't purchased a firearm yet but he and wifey are looking. he states this year a record 5 million citizens are new gun owners, Blacks largest class while women are 40% of first time buyers. In PA. NSSF reckons there are 276, 648 first time...
  9. Tried to buy a SA 1911 RO

    called Four Seasons to buy one on the tax free weekend and they laughed at me. No idea when they will receive a new shipment. And the Biden bros think they're winning?
  10. ACLU Supports NRA in NY Attack

    In a WSJ editorial today David Cole, National Legal Director of the ACLU calls NY's attack on the NRA unprecedented and an extreme action. He notes if this action is allowed and successful than a AG in a Red State can take similar action against the ACLU, Common Cause, Everytown for gun safety...
  11. FRB/LTC Renewal

    just called Firearms Record Bureau to check on status of my renewal. I was told it was approved and would not be sent Leominster PD until current license expires at end of month. HUH!
  12. Let's All Move to CHAZ

    Hmmm, they have walls, must show ID to get in and openly carry firearms. Isn't this what they hate about the USA? Free food, no work requirements and lots of freaky chicks. I'm moving to Seattle to join the fun. Let your freak flag fly. Road trip?[rockon]
  13. Rep. Jim McGovern

    Received an email from him titled, "Justice in Policing". Typical liberal BS, Cops are racists, we're all racists. No mention of Black folks taking responsibility of their actions. I replied and asked where were the Black Leaders telling these folks burning down their neighborhoods isn't a...
  14. Bedford Cowboy

    after my walk at Devens went for a cruise in the Mustang. Drove thru Littleton, Acton into Concord and Bedford. The National parks in Concord were mobbed with walkers, bicyclists, etc and Concord center. Very few wore masks then headed down Wood St past LL and on to Hartwell Ave. Banged a left...
  15. Donald Trump is a F****** Moron/Former Collegue/Gun Owner

    Jumped on my BMW RT yesterday for a ride. Riding thru Leominster see another Beemer heading my way. I wave and notice the rider is a former co-worker(I retired). I turn around and pull up next to him at a light and say Hi. Light changes and I follow him, he pulls over. I ask him how the Lab is...
  16. Installing TruGlo Night Sights at the Mill

    Is there anyone at the mill who can install Truglo TFX Pro sights on my CZP10C?
  17. Intro to IDPA/Harvard

    signed up for the class on 26 April. Shot a few matches many years ago but figured I'd take advantage of this class. Hope for good weather.
  18. Voting

    Went to the Polls in Leominster w/my Trump 2020 hat and NRA Life member Tshirt on. No Bernie bro's or Liawatha DB's. I was disappointed. Poll workers smiled and nodded.
  19. Biden Appoints Beto as his Gun Czar

    What could go wrong Joe?
  20. Goal Breakfast

    I just bought a ticket, who's going? I attended a few years ago when it was at the Big E.
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