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  1. G-23 question

    hey guys quick question, I have a Glock 23 with trigicon night sights, I am going to guess it is a gen 3, it has the tac rail. and 3, 13rd mags, I purchase new 1 year ago. I live in ct. I am NOT selling it at this time. but any idea what it might be worth? Thanks Hans
  2. Aguila ammo

    I am looking to pick up another case of ammo, anyone ever use Aguila in a 40 cal. glock. The last ammo i bought was Wolf and it seemed to really suck. bad primers never again[frown]. 250 rounds at the range with 15 failures. I don't want to empty the bank either and I have heard in 22lr they...
  3. magazines

    Quick question, I have a g-23 with 3 clips. I have 1 clip loaded with my defensive rounds. and 2 clips that i load and unload almost every weekend. The most I do with the defensive clip is chamber the first round, then add it back to the mag when I go to the back yard for practice. Are...
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