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  1. Called out for not wearing a mask

    That's a surprise to me. I was in Bar Harbor for lunch last week and a small scattering of tourists was wearing them but nobody in any business I was in. The rest of the town seems pretty done with it all.
  2. FBI: Record Gun Buying Hits 16th Straight Month

    Kind of. A lot of states (around half?) issue licenses that are acceptable alternatives to a NICS check. (Basically you get the NICS check when the license is issued.) Still 4473, but no phone call. If I remember right, at one point the Mass. LTC was really close to meeting the ATF's...
  3. Public range around North Conway.

    I was going to recommend the Pemi as well. They switched from being super-inexpensive (what was it, $20 or $30?) with $5 daily range fees to $100 with no range fees. I dropped my membership then but that's only because I'm over 1.5 hours away and was really only still a member to support the...
  4. Boston Area Clubs That Are COVID Cautious

    Maybe I don't get out enough but I think you'd do OK with a lot of clubs. The ones that I'm on the mailing list for have been pretty actively closing or restricting range use (spacing people out), and usually the same ventilation that moves air downrange seems like it would be a good situation...
  5. They're walking back Officer Sicknick's cause of death. EDIT 4/19/21: They're saying it was Natural Causes

    I haven't gotten the impression that TPTB actually care. They had a narrative, it made it into the news cycle of the day as The Truth, and now you'd be hard-pressed to find anyone who even remembers or cares about the details.
  6. Cross Eye Dominance Advice?

    I am mildly left eye dominant and use tape on my glasses for bullseye. It keeps me from accidentally using the left eye while letting me keep it open and generally have situational awareness. Before that I shot smallbore lefty and that worked too, but logistics were a bit of a pain. I shoot...
  7. Ham class on North Shore

    One more piece of advice (which doesn't answer the original question, though): if you're looking to do the exam online (which is almost the only option right now, although there are a few groups doing them in person), hamstudy.org has a much more complete list of exam sessions than the ARRL web...
  8. Handgun Shipping - To out of state C&R

    The C&R license is itself an FFL. Not valid for all purposes, but this is pretty much exactly what it's for.
  9. MA How far in advance can you renew LTC

    I am fairly sure the state will process them up to six months out. Your town may have their own rules.
  10. Cutting oil?

    Same here, really good stuff. If you want it local I'd look someplace with "Industrial Supply" in the name. I got the occasoinal gallon can from the little MSC storefront (that moved out of Woburn to someplace nearby, not sure where, but a gallon lasts me a while), but HD Chasen in Somerville...
  11. 223 pricing

    Sealed HXP cans seem to be getting bid up to $250 or so for the 240 round cans on gunbroker. I have a couple on ice that I don't have particular plans for, and if I could get that price with a local cash sale I'd be thinking really hard about it. Same for 7.62x54R if it gets up to $0.75/rd or...
  12. What’s your favorite MilSurp carry piece?

    I'm glad I'm not the only one whose tastes run that way. Bonus: you can practice all you want, .455 is in stock and ready to ship from any number of places!
  13. November 2020 Giveaway: Surplus Norinco SKS

    Thanks, this is a fun read. I half-wrote one for the September giveaway (M&P Shield .380), but right now I can only talk about how the design of the gun is interesting but it needs to go back to S&W for a recall. Oops.
  14. Massachusetts Rifle Association - Woburn, MA

    Regular Sunday office hours start at 9:30 so it seems like a decent bet. No hard knowledge though. Office hours are 9:30-noon Sundays and 6-8pm Wednesdays. I think they try and check the phone messages, but outside of those hours email might be a better bet than calling.
  15. Opening an unknown ammo spam can (AKA "Christmas Morning in the garage")

    I have some of that exact stuff, there was a bunch on the market in 2008 or so. Shoots good, stinks to high heaven. Corrosive, of course.
  16. I passed the NH bar exam!

    Realtors and lawyers are both kind of in the same line of work: representing people in a high-stakes transaction who should never, ever be representing themselves, often crushing their clients' unrealistic expectations along the way. You can do a good job and still get a lot of hate for it...
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