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  1. PTR 32 KFR - Questions and thoughts?

    I sold off my H&k rifle's when they first started to get stupid money for them.Then I picked up a PTR 91,and 94,they work just as well as the H&K rifles.
  2. Happy Fathers Day

    Happy Birthday Tim.
  3. If You go to the Range .... Just Dont' Accidentally Shoot Yourself in the Face

    Note to self, don't shoot self in the face or any other part of the body.
  4. Idaho Camper Shoots Family Dog, Mistaking It For Wolf

    OK, tell me which one is the wolf
  5. New Firearms Acquisitions June 2021

    I got my Fathers day gift early. An 1882 Colt SAA. 1ST Gen. Nickel plated,and engraved with silver grips in cal. 45 colt.
  6. Police: Woburn Man Who Just Received License To Carry Accidentally Shoots Friend While Showing New Gun

    Well one off two things happened here poor training, or the guy is an idiot.
  7. Things you regret drawing on

    Jun 77, around noon time on a very hot Sunday in Inman Sq. Cambridge.I was working at my Fathers Grocery store,when these two black guys in long coats come into the store,and work their way down to the back.My brother Inlaw who was working the register yells out can I get a 210,that was a code...
  8. BLM Protests Overwhelming Peaceful

    You have to wear some tall boots to read that story.
  9. On the Road....

    I hope you shot the coffee table.
  10. New Acquisitions May 2021 - Firearms

    A Colt lighting in 38 long Colt.
  11. Customer of Worcester gas station viciously beaten in random attack

    Before hand Doctors stated he does not post a risk to others.I wonder how much that adds up too in US dollars?
  12. To sell or not to sell

    Sell only what you can replace at a later time.
  13. Texas Governor Greg Abbot signs new gun law into effect 5/23/21

    In response to Governor Abbots resolution,MA. Governor Faker Baker passed a resolution to make the Super Soaker the gun of the State. Due to the fact that most off our politicians are all wet.
  14. Cabelas becoming Dicks?

    Even if I have to pay a little more,I will always buy from the Mom & Pop stores. In the end they will take care of you.
  15. New Acquisitions May 2021 - Firearms

    The Butler book of Derringers.
  16. Interview in Salem, MA

    Couldn't do anything with the Witch burning thing you people use to do in the past?
  17. Report: Man with Hunting Rifle Foils Attempted Mass Shooting at Apartment Complex: Fort Smith, Arkansas

    I wonder if the guy with the hunting rifle bagged his limit.
  18. Calling all 1911 experts.....

    I think they used an I as a 1 as to not have someone confuse a lite struck 7 as a 1.
  19. Calling all 1911 experts.....

    Here is a picture of another Colt, looks like it was the HULKS job to strike the 1.
  20. Braintree Rifle and Pistol Club

    I still cannot get over the time someone shot the pay phone in the old club house.
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