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  1. G-23 question

    thanks hans
  2. G-23 question

    hey guys quick question, I have a Glock 23 with trigicon night sights, I am going to guess it is a gen 3, it has the tac rail. and 3, 13rd mags, I purchase new 1 year ago. I live in ct. I am NOT selling it at this time. but any idea what it might be worth? Thanks Hans
  3. Should your doctor ask your child if you own a gun?

    I have a 3 year old boy, Although my/his doctor hasn't said anything, I was reading the paper on the wall while waiting in the room for 30 minutes. about child hazards and such. first couple lines when on about dogs and how they can be dangerous to youg children. 3rd line said " If you must...
  4. Three in a row..gun stores that is

    East Hartford Cabela's is going to be GReat! Honey do you want to go shopping?
  5. Aguila ammo

    Well guys I just ordered up a 1000 rnds so I will let ya know how it works out.
  6. Aguila ammo

    I would like to stand 75 feet away from the muzzle and off to the side of the target but I'm not that interested. Doesn't seem like a smart thing to do. But being real can you hear or feel a difference while firing it, in either recoil or noise?? Thanks again for all the info on the Aguila I...
  7. Aguila ammo

    quick question probly wrong place but, If you shoot loads that are faster than the speed of sound is there another sound produced other than that of the gun being fired??
  8. Aguila ammo

    I am looking to pick up another case of ammo, anyone ever use Aguila in a 40 cal. glock. The last ammo i bought was Wolf and it seemed to really suck. bad primers never again[frown]. 250 rounds at the range with 15 failures. I don't want to empty the bank either and I have heard in 22lr they...
  9. Unable to get fingerprinted

    If your in sturbridge and haven't gotten the prints yet, I would just call troop C in Tolland,Ct they have a computer do prints as I remember on Tuesdays, but call for sure. They Troop C is only 20+ mininutes down the road.
  10. Carrying a knife: suggestions?

    i just found the gerber that I have, this it and I love. I said I was going to keep it just for defense but that went out the window after a week.http://www.rockynational.com/2302_22-07162_Gerber_Fast_Draw_Spring_Assisted_Fine_Edge.html#
  11. magazines

    Thanks for the info, sorry about calling them clips it is just faster to type than magazines.
  12. magazines

    Quick question, I have a g-23 with 3 clips. I have 1 clip loaded with my defensive rounds. and 2 clips that i load and unload almost every weekend. The most I do with the defensive clip is chamber the first round, then add it back to the mag when I go to the back yard for practice. Are...
  13. Carrying a knife: suggestions?

    I have a Gerber, love it, carry it everyday like my cell phone. I agree with some of the other post and it took me 3 knives to figure it out. The clip has to be on the tip end of the blade. so in a fast withdrawl situation shee's pointed in the right direction. I also like a black knife...
  14. New folks check in and say HI #3

    Thanks guys, I responded to a topic earlyer on how you carry or something to that affect. I currently use a Ne Santis E85-E1 OWB. I like it but depending on clothing I am self consous of total concealment. Could anyone recomend a IWB that they have used and liked. I am planning on going to...
  15. New folks check in and say HI #3

    Good afternoon, Hans from Ct here. Don't know what to say, I have a the family thing going now, I do many sports and also love to shoot guns and strive everytime for that perfect shot. Also in ways to improve on that one shot. I must say I have gotten many great tips readying the forum. I...
  16. Methods of Carry?

    Glock 23 .40 4 o'clock Strong Side OWB rides high don't know the brand. no extra mag just got a Gerber folding spring assisted with clip strong side pocket
  17. Methods of Carry?

    courantly glock 23 strong side OWB 4pm night sights no spare mags 14 will have to do considering knive
  18. Return of the Glocks?

    WOW, this sort of blows my mind, is I am from CT I guesse things are quite different across state lines. So in Ma I wouldn't (sort of) be able to own my G-23.
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