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  1. WTS 7x16 flat bed trailer

    Listing for a family member. 7x16 flatbed trailer bed, clean title, new brakes and bearings. I don’t know much about it, but if you have any questions I should be able to get you answers within a reasonable amount of time. Located in Westport, Ma asking $2000. All applicable rules, regulations...
  2. MA LTC course schedule

    September 2020 dates are posted on our website for the NRA Home Firearms Safety Class. As always if you have a group send us an email or call and we can set up a private class. https://graniteguardsman.com/education-and-training
  3. Impeach Healy Facebook group

    Before any naysayers jump all over me...... It’s not my group, just came across it on Facebook and found it amusing. I know it probably won’t happen and is is a waste of someone’s time, but even if all it does is piss her off just a little bit then it brings a smile to my face. Recall- impeach...
  4. Introduction

    Just figured I’d post a quick introduction here so NES would know who and what we are. I’ve been on NES for quite a while under the user name Ripach. I recently formed Granite Guardsman LLC in Fall River and obtained an 07 FFL, as well as the required MA licenses that accompany it. Presently we...
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