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  1. AK style 7.62x54R?

    @jpm , @42! I bought last one in the shop. Sorry they are now out. Most of the SVT 40s were in the 2 - 2,2K range. The SVT 38 went out to an auction house.
  2. AK style 7.62x54R?

    One of he local shops had 4 SVTs all Finish capture. Here are three of the better one's. The bottom one is a SVT-38, rare in the US from what I understand. I was able to grab the top one after two other people staked a claim and ended up passing. The top one has the AVT (Automatic) stock...
  3. SAS glock fails, bludgeons Taliban to death with a hammer

    I can not stop laughing! RD wins the internet this day in 2021.
  4. Will we see the return of Gun Shows in New England this year?

    I typically work a booth at the shows in Wilmington / Marlboro with the Mrs. for a local shop. Next show is scheduled for June. Might help out another shop, haven't committed togo yet...
  5. Moving heavy machine?? Metal Lathe

    Plus 1 on Toupin rigging. Professional, smart and dependable. I have used them in the past to move granite inspection tables in our Incoming Quality Control group. Watching them move surface places taught me a lot about moving heavy objects. Small vertical movements, good dolly and think...
  6. Revere MA? Info for Friend Needed

    Grew up in Revere/Chelsea. Got my LTC in late 80's with no problem. I did the deposits for a local fish market. No idea on getting a LTC now. Living in Revere I joined Danvers Fish & Game, Later Reading. Currently a member at Mass Rifle, which has a back log until December for entry. No sponsor...
  7. Ever pause a moment when you see a guns 'estate sale' at a shop?

    Put the ashes on the 100 yard backstop [cheers]
  8. Ever pause a moment when you see a guns 'estate sale' at a shop?

    She is going to bury me very deep. It will take a few glocks.
  9. Vintage Ammo Collection

    The pistol was made in 1897 and looks very modern for it's time. For those who count one round was gifted out to a local collector. Best recent auction price per round was $27.50 per round. Tough call what the box itself would be worth.
  10. Ever pause a moment when you see a guns 'estate sale' at a shop?

    Wife is taking all the Mil Surps, has her LTC. My only daugther has LTC. All set Wife will sell every Glock to pay for my funeral.
  11. Bought a Beretta M9

    Only handled them Infantry OBC, not a fan. M1911s were issue early in career and I got out before the 9's ever reached the state National Guard units. That being said this week I got a Beretta M1951 which is a forerunner to the M9. For the right price I would pick up a M9A3 to sit next to my...
  12. Vintage Ammo Collection

    You can goggle each box/vintage ammo and check out auctions. Also Pete's vintage gun and ammo is a good resource. My Mrs does this for two different shops here in Eastern Mass. We just had some 7.8mm Bergmann valued about 1.5K. A total of 40 rounds of ammo we priced out the other day. The Mrs...
  13. Anyone been to fsguns lately?

    Went to FS late PM yesterday. Helping a newly minted LTC owner get their first gun. Store was busy, but went right in. Did the 4473 kiosk and got hep right away. Went smoothly, but surprised the staff didn't run them thru the safeties, dis-assemblies etc for a SR-22. I showed them the ropes and...
  14. What gun brands do you own the most of?

    Flobert @Canndo beat me to the punch line S&W Sig
  15. Target Sports Delivering Again - Megathread

    Well I grabbed some .30 Mauser the other day. My broomhandle is ready to rock, just need to get the air handler fixed @ MRA. Just a little to chill for the outdoor range this weekend.
  16. Assorted ammo given to me-I have questions.

    They look good from the photographs. I shoot mostly reloads over the years and started off with buying the 2nd tier re-manufactured to build up a supply of cases. I would say send them and nice thank you for the person who sent them your way. Great score!
  17. bug out bag contents advice needed

    I have seen it used to induce vomiting. [puke] I keep a bottle handy in the house. [cheers]
  18. bug out bag contents advice needed

    In my prime, I would hump a large ruck with a KY -38 radio (Secure version of the PRC-77). I was light Infantry grunt for 12 years. Today after years of doing the airborne shuffle and 4 decades past my prime it is a fair & accurate observation. The plate only weighs a pound and the entire kit...
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