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  1. WTK: Transfer and Compliance work on a CZ Bren 2

    The scorpion is set up different , it’s not a problem with the 9mm scorpion , just the 5.56 Bren 2 , and only the Bren 2 , the original Bren is good to go also
  2. WTK: Transfer and Compliance work on a CZ Bren 2

    There is a issue with making the Bren 2 compliant , in order to remove the bolt carrier group for cleaning the stock must first be folded , if the stock is pinned you can’t take the gun apart to clean it
  3. Fixed Mag MA Compliant AR-5.56 Sporting Rifle ?

    jams and misfeeds are not only a nightmare with these fixed mag rifles but sometimes they are downright dangerous to clear especially doublefeeds , that is if you can even clear it without disassembling the entire rifle and recoil system
  4. Best rifle for around $600?

    I believe that "sting" was against North shore firearms in Middleton... and I don't think it actually happened as a "sting"... they simply got spoken to over the confusion of some questionable pre ban mags
  5. Larue for Yankee Hill

    I took the Yankee hills off 2 of my rifles and replaced both of them with Larue....never been happier...Personally its like night and day in my opinion. when my buddy saw them he did the same..
  6. Precision Product AR15 Mags

    Are you talking about Parsons Precision Products?
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