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  1. Private, indoor pistol range - does the 300' rule apply?

    In NH you must be 300' from an occupied building (or have permission). Does that 300' rule apply to a private, indoor range (a basement, barn, etc)?
  2. Mayfair Mall Shooting (Wisconsin 11/20/2020)

    Is this related to the Election? https://chicago.cbslocal.com/2020/11/20/shooting-reported-at-mayfair-mall-in-wauwatosa-wisconsin/ Rumor has it the shooter was wearing a mask.
  3. Is there a setting to suppress auto-play of media / audio clips?

    I love the funny pics thread. I really do. I loathe the auto start bug where clips play without being told to. If I want to see a video, hear the noise I want to click on it and THEN see/hear it. I can't stand scrolling through the page and random clips that scrolled past start blaring out the...
  4. Two different computers on different networks "blank screen" following post

    Posting a new message or editing en existing one, sometimes I'm seeing a plain blank (white) screen. No indication that the page is still loading (no spinner / hourglass, etc.). The page source is populated with the content I would expect for whatever page I was on. I disabled Ad Block Plus...
  5. Two Parkland deputies fired for "neglect of duty"

    Broward sheriff fires two more deputies for 'neglect of duty' in Parkland shooting response "Two more Broward County Sheriff's deputies were fired for "neglect of duty" in their response to last year's massacre at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School, Sheriff Gregory Tony announced Wednesday."
  6. Gun Violence

    https://books.google.com/ngrams/graph?content=gun+violence&case_insensitive=on&year_start=1800&year_end=2008&corpus=15&smoothing=3&share=&direct_url=t4;,gun violence;,c0;,s0;;gun violence;,c0;;Gun Violence;,c0;;Gun violence;,c0
  7. Having to login again?

    Not sure if this is a local issue with my pewter or something with the site. Is anyone else (recently) that uses the "stay logged in" feature having to re-login to NES?
  8. SunTrust Bank Shooting

    Sebring, Florida, shooting: At least 5 people killed at SunTrust Bank, police say - CNN A gunman who barricaded himself in a SunTrust Bank in Florida killed at least five people in the branch on Wednesday, Sebring Police Chief Karl Hoglund said. ... The suspect eventually surrendered to the...
  9. COMM2A Smile

    Since the shop2a dot comm2a dot org link was chopped, I updated my Amazon shortcut to take me to smile dot amazon dot com instead. Nice thing is, Smile mentions the donation while the affiliate link says nothing. Good positive reinforcement. So, everyone should remember to Smile and designate...
  10. Bowling Alley Shooting in Kalifornia

    Police: 3 dead in California bowling alley shooting
  11. Hot Yoga Shooting

    Update: Names of two killed at Tallahassee yoga studio, identity of shooter released Apologies for the name of the newspaper. (And the name of the studio) The middle name of the shooter is provided, so obviously he's a white, middle aged republican. But I haven't seen much about the incident...
  12. 2 degree of separation person at risk

    I'm aware of someone, a young (20 something) girl with an abusive ex boyfriend that is stalking her. He's broken into her house, planted cameras inside, was (or is) tracker her phone and stakes out her workplace. He's physically assaulted her, despite a restraining order that supposed to make...
  13. 3D printed guns

    A proposal to stop 3D printers from making guns is a perfect parable of everything wrong with information security – Boing Boing DRM sorta, barring the printing of gun parts. ETA: this is an absolutely horrible idea.
  14. Request for invite only forums

    Once in a while a topic arises that really shouldn't be discussed out in the open. Not because it is nefarious or illegal but because it tips the hand to an opposition (I'll use madres wishing for happenings (creatively phrased to avoid searches) as a recent example). Or sometimes the topic just...
  15. Compendium of all laws infringing firearm ownership / use

    I think it would be instructive to compile a list of all Federal, State and Local laws that infringe on the acquisition / disposal, ownership, possession, carrying or usage of firearms and supplies. WITH CITES if you've got 'em, especially the state or local variety...
  16. multiple-parties-down-in-shooting-at-thornton-walmart-poli

    http://kdvr.com/2017/11/01/multiple-parties-down-in-shooting-at-thornton-walmart-police-say/ (Credit to Bill the Katt) eta: Let me be clear, BK is credited with the LINK, not the ACT...
  17. New Roster as of 10/2/2017

    I believe some will find an interesting Springfield Armory addition. https://www.mass.gov/files/documents/2017/10/02/Approved%20Firearms%20Roster%2009-2017.pdf
  18. Whoops

    Inspired by the password thread, I changed my password here to a rather long phrase. Even saved, used copy paste so no possibility of a typo. I can no longer logon using a browser, but tapatalk connects with the new password. Can't seem to find a reset password link here. Thoughts? Laughter?
  19. Spencer Shooting

    Oddly, I find no mention of this in another thread. https://patch.com/massachusetts/worcester/man-shot-dead-police-spencer-identified Lynde appears to have a history, at least according to Turtle Boy...
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