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  1. AR9 barrel nut grease

    you are correct in every way the problem comes with the incorrect grease , any grease with graphite or any metals ( like anti seize) and your risking compromising the anodize barrier between the aluminum Receiver and steel barrel extension , you are also introducing a 3rd Potentially dissimilar...
  2. AR9 barrel nut grease

    yup , I hear this from people daily “I haven’t had any problems” but I also see the people that have Had the problems and catastrophic failures you’ve been lucky .... so far but that could change at any time
  3. AR9 barrel nut grease

    Anti seize is probably the worst choice you can make for a AR barrel nut the official spec calls for aeroshell 33ms which is now called aeroshell 64
  4. Need barrel threaded without disassembly

    All for $50 🙄
  5. Need barrel threaded without disassembly

    Go back and re read my comment you just quoted with your answer your comment is irrelevant to my statement
  6. Need barrel threaded without disassembly

    So if a gunsmith threads barrels exclusively with a lathe , because using a die is risky and a hack way to thread a barrel , I’ve seen countless barrels hacked to death from someone using a die , there’s even a discussion on this very forum about it so that being said “keeping the barrel...
  7. Pinning a comp

    You for sure called the wrong shop, we do pin jobs every single day! Northeast arms Rt 1 south in Peabody
  8. MA compliant AR 5.56 barrel

    Rifle gear has FN barrels in stock, combine that with the Arms folding A2 sight and you got a kick ass barrel for short money. and the arms sight looks like a A2 sight but with the option to fold down... they were $189.00 last week, could have changed but I don't think so. they are a pretty...
  9. What punch set do you recommend?

    I have both roll pin and standard pin punch AR sets for sale, PM me if your interested, On hand I have Starett, meyhew, and proto brands..
  10. Does anybody have AR BCGs in stock?

    PM sent...
  11. DuraCoat Preparation

    Do not blast it with glass beads...It will peen the surface and make it difficult for the duracoat to adhere well, You need to create "tooth" on the surface to give the duracoat something to grab, Ideally you would want to blast it with Aluminum Oxide at a pressure of 60-80 PSI (This is the...
  12. Need AR 15 Delta ring

    I have about 5 complete colt delta ring assembly's if you still need one
  13. I can never leave anything alone......1911 Mods

    oh man did you just hit a nerve! just wait!
  14. I can never leave anything alone......1911 Mods

    well where are the finished product photos now that its cerakoted! not that I need to see them but other might!
  15. D.I.Y. Duracoat kit?

    Have used it quite a few times and learned there is no "dura" bility in this stuff....Has no resistance to chipping or corrosion at all
  16. What is your preferred metal finish.

    I have used cerakote H series extensively (and still do)and I can't praise it enough, I also have a 250 gallon Zinc phosphate tank for that "military" look, I use it at my shop for automotive parts but once and a while I drop a barrel in there by accident....It comes down to one thing...Surface...
  17. Quality taps and drill bits

    +1 for hanson, they are made by Irwin which make the "vise grip" brand....I use them quite a bit (no pun intended) the drill bits are second to none, the taps are good but I prefer Cleavland for my taps, but I'm picky in the fact that all of my taps have to be true bottoming taps and the hanson...
  18. Quality taps and drill bits

    Enco, Mcmaster, and MSC are great sources or if you want someplace a little closer to home wholesale tool in stoughton, ma carries a great selection of everything for really really cheap. They also stock precision twist drill which is a decent brand, but don't overlook the cheap cobalt drills...
  19. Best Touch Up Paint - AR?

    What make is the AR??...Most AR's have parkerized barrels
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