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  1. WTB Glock 48 complete slide

    Need the complete upper for a G48. Black, not that weird looking stainless type one. I’m on the Cape. Thanks for looking!
  2. WTB Trailboss powder

    Looking for Trailboss. Located in SE MA.
  3. Ratty T53 stock

    I’ve had this rifle for years, and am thinking of refinishing the stock. It’s got tons of dings, dents, gouges, carvings of initials and legit stampings. Part of me wants to clean it up and make it baby-ass smooth but that would mean removing all its character. I would love to have the best of...
  4. Fall Walls 2020

    Thank you again to a great club that puts on great events! A little different than usual this year but that’s to be expected. Literally everything is f*cked for the time being it seems. Here’s lucky bastard story: Friday after work I put several mags through my steel gun, just to practice a...
  5. Waterfowl 2019/2020

    On the books for the early season, one drake woody. I missed his girlfriend. I’m a little rusty at wing shooting! Who else plans on getting out in the blind this season? If I could only hunt one game for the rest of my life it would be waterfowl!
  6. LFOD IDPA @ Pioneer Sportsmen Club

    Who's going this weekend? I've never been to this club, and I'm carpooling up with a fellow NES member Sunday. 12 stages and it looks like it's going to be one hell of a match!
  7. Colt Model 1860

    This was gifted to me months ago by friends of family. Made in 1861, completely matching and original, with military acceptance stamps. No doubt it saw action during the civil war. If only it could talk. I knew next to nothing about cap and ball guns before this, so I did plenty of research on...
  8. Italian stilettos

    Who else loves old Italian switchblades/ stilettos? I’ve been collecting them for years. Yesterday I found an oddity at the local flea market. It’s an RJ Richter, made in Italy. It looks like an auto but it has no mechanism/ cut outs for it. The button has a spring behind it, but it’s just a...
  9. Waterfowl 2018

    Anyone else get out there today? I’m in the coastal zone. Nothing flying I could harvest but I saw plenty of Cormorants, swans, kingfishers and gulls. :/ A nice afternoon to relax and take it in though. First half of the day was pouring. So I’m sure all the ducks were moving before I got there.
  10. A molested 1917 Luger gets a little love...

    As promised, here is the thread of my 1917 DWM Luger semi-restoration. The gun came into my hands years back for dirt cheap. All the accessories it came with are WWII era. Both magazines, the holster (no markings on it) and the takedown tool. When I first removed the gun from it's holster...
  11. WTB Mission critical tactical baby carrier

    Or something similar. There has to be someone on this forum who’s little one has outgrown the baby carrier days! I have a newborn coming home from the NICU soon hopefully. Trades maybe? PM me if you have one and don’t need It anymore. Thanks for looking
  12. I don’t see a lot of pistols here, so...

    Picked this up recently for a decent price. Decent for current fair market value that is. 1954 Argentine Model 1927. Otherwise known as “Sistemas”. These milsurp .45’s are every bit as good as a WWII USGI 1911A1 with some minor differences in finish and parts profile. Finish is a black oxide...
  13. This is why you always ALWAYS check for yourself...

    https://www.facebook.com/blackflagtac/videos/833015286772441/ Don't trust the RSO to tell you the range is clear. Do a once over yourself. You are the one doing the shooting.
  14. IDPA @ Harvard Sportsmans Club Saturday 3/25

    Anyone going? I've been to Harvard once as a guest but never shot IDPA there. I'm heading up from the Cape with a few other guys.
  15. Lost

    Maybe somewhat off topic but has anyone seen the series "Lost", and noticed all the milsurps in that show? 1911 Luger P38 M1 carbine M1 Garand SKS Makarov FAL M14 and I'm sure I missed a few.
  16. IDPA on Cape Cod

    I hardly ever see any threads about matches on Cape. Anyone else attend these often? I know of a few members here that go to some of them. Monument Beach, Bass River, CCF&G and Nauset are the ones I know of. Nauset is tomorrow. I'll be there despite the Halloween party my wife and I are throwing...
  17. Lyme disease not bad enough? How about MMA? :(

    Saw this article in one of the hunting forums. I knew next to nothing about Lone Star ticks until I heard a few months ago that tons of them are now being found on Sandy Neck, where I go frequently throughout the year for ORV'ing/ beaching/ fishing/ swimming/ hunting/ hiking. [sad2] Can...
  18. Firearms seized in raid on the Cape this morning

    http://www.capecodtoday.com/article/2015/02/12/28920-atf-state-and-local-police-arrest-chatham-man-illegal-gun-charges I wonder how they knew about the guns. You don't hear about this stuff happening on the Cape too often.
  19. Black powder transport law? I guess I haven't been paying attention.

    Does a blackpowder need to be cased during transport? A friend said the law changed recently. I was pretty sure a blackpowder gun doesn't need to be cased/ trigger locked/ locked up for car storage or transport, or home storage.
  20. Name that part... A thread in honor of 6hold

    I remembered 6hold's posts this morning for some reason, and thought it would be fun to start another thread where we identify gun parts or gun-specific tools. Feel free to post your own. Aaaand go...
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