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  1. Too late to become a LEO

    I did it at 49 and I was the second oldest. You definitely want to work on your written communication skills. Remember old doesn’t heal like young so start training now. Depending on which academy you end up attending, you could end up getting your ass beat for 25+ weeks.
  2. My happy 1911 S&W family

    Are any up for adoption? I'll take in one or two.
  3. New Acquisitions - February 2016

    G36 donor perhaps. Anyone wanna buy a sweet red dot sight?
  4. Plymouth this weekend

    Was nice to get right in and be able to move around. Other than that....
  5. Plymouth this weekend

    Haven't been to a show in years. Plymouth was the last. I watched a kid who was obviously new to shooting,purchase a stripped lower for $250.00. The guy selling it said" since you bought the lower, I'll give you a good deal on the lpk. Gonna give it to you for $100.". I stopped and did a double...
  6. BCM Keymod picatinny Polymer rail?

    Polymers fine. Whatever one makes you feel better.
  7. Plymouth Gun show ?

    Typical show. Did get some powder. Low point was listening to exchange when a guy was buying a AR lower. He asked if the guy had parts kit. Guy says yes theyre $169.00 but I'll give it to you for $159.00 if you buy the lower. WTF!!!
  8. Framingham SWAT Investigation

    I think this might have something to do with implementing the swat team Bushfan was arrested in April 2008 and initially charged with two counts of armed robbery, armed assault with intent to rob and assault with a dangerous weapon. Those charges were reduced as part of the plea agreement...
  9. Gun Cleaning "hardware"

    +1 for the Otis kit. I have a master kit and a borelighter. Use mostly clp and the.....whatever the "7" stuff that I can't recall the name due to TMB.(too many bdays )
  10. Gun show at Monument Beach Sportsman's Club April 30 - May 1

    Have to agree. Will go next time
  11. Classified Section

    I agree with one of the previous posters. Its nice to click and see who has what for sale, I used to check the classsifieds every time I went online. Since the change I looked to see what it was about, Hated it, Checked it a second time. Still hated it and havent been back since
  12. Classified Section

  13. Classified Section

    Is it possible theres been almost no activity in the classifieds recently, or did I do something to my settings. Dealer classifieds seem to have changed but, Handguns Rifles, WTB and Yard Sale all have 4/26 dates

    PS scored a thumblers tumbler for $25. SS media is in the near future

    Saw several there
  16. Was he right, or was I being scammed?

    Is the firearm what you expected? If so, tell him you will take it for the original deal.. Doesnt sound like a scam to me. Sounds like he's pissed because he thought HE was being scammed. If It happened to most of the guys on this forum there would be a huge uproar about how the price was...
  17. I think I have corupted my daughter.

    +1. What a load of horseshit Kids are getting suspended for NRA t-shirts. And some kids are beating, shooting burning and disposing of others they dont like. Time for a reality check
  18. reloading supplies near Derry,N.H.

    Been there multiple times and never had a problem. Ive been fed plenty of attitude at Rileys. Not enough to keep me away. It seems to be the norm for a lot of gun stores. Big on opinoins not on service. Als beats them on the powders I use.
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