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  1. Classified Section

    Is it possible theres been almost no activity in the classifieds recently, or did I do something to my settings. Dealer classifieds seem to have changed but, Handguns Rifles, WTB and Yard Sale all have 4/26 dates
  2. Rem 700 barrell

    I bought a rem 700 223 from a member here quite a while ago. Cannot shoot groups better that 15" or so at 100 yds. I noticed on the bipod the stock would contact the barrell . I clearanced the stock a little with no affect. So next up was to switch scopes. No affect. Choate tactical stock. Guess...
  3. case length with x dies

    Just got a set of small base xdiez for 308. Setup states trim. 0020" from Max length or 1.995. Trim length is 2.005". Should I assume the die will allow enough growth to get close to the trim length?
  4. Class 3 permit

    Looking for info on obtaining a class3 permit. Searches keep refering to 03 FFL. Any help is appreciated. Thanks Tom
  5. Glock parts

    Any shops in SE Mass stock Glock springs, connectors, etc?
  6. Magpul

    Thinking of the Magpul PRS for one of my ARs. Any thoughts?
  7. decapping pin

    Once again, I broke a decapping pin on my Dillon 223 die ( 2nd this year). Of course it was a crimped primer I didnt notice. It takes almost no effort to break these. Does anyone make a pin thats a will fit, thats a little stronger or do I need to purchase a different die altogether?
  8. 550 Case feeder

    I'm trying to figure out what to do here. I have 2 550's. One set for L primers, Other for Sm primers. Square deal exclusive to 38. My choices are to buy a case feeder for one of the 550's or get rid of one for a 650. I have quick change kits for 380 357 9mm 10mm 44mag 45 and 223. So i have...
  9. 700 scope mount and rings

    I'm getting ready to set up a rem 700 sps tact with a burris fullfield 2. Any thoughts on mounts? One piece or two? standard or raised? How bout the rings low med or high. Stock is factory, tube size is 1". Also looking for input on brands of mounts and rings.
  10. "Black Bullets"

    Does any one have any experience with these? http://northeastshooters.com/vbulletin/showthread.php?t=34024
  11. Herco 44mag

    I'm looking for data for herco with a 200g rnfp hardcast. I loaded up some rounds yesterday. 50 with 9.0 grains herco and federel lg pistol primer. Second 50 with 10 grains herco. 10 grain load apperaed more accurate an actually seemed less smokey. Does anyone have max load data. I'm not...
  12. New to rifle reloading

    Ran into some staked primers on 223 brass. Broke a decapping pin on a dillon die set. I have a 550 and was wondering if it makes sense to set up with a single stage for decapping/ sizing purposes. I would also like to know who makes the most durable decapping pin
  13. USMC 1911

    Just picked up a 1911 ser 209xxx. In rough shape.I'm guessing < 70%. I checked the number and it appears to have been one of 800 or so assigned to the USMC in late 1918. Is there a good resource to apply a % to the condition. I would like to get a idea of worth. I'd like to know if this is a...
  14. Colt 1911

    I'm tring to find info on a 1911. According to the Ser # it was manufacture in 1918 USMC model. Were these ever parkerized or is this an indication of a refurb? How does it affect the value? Thanks in advance
  15. Transfer back to Mass

    I have a chance to purchase a DE 44. The gun was bought in Mass later it was transfered to a guy in VT. Because it was originally registered in Mass, can it be brought back ? Thanks in advance.
  16. Patriot Safe

    Looking to buy a safe. The Patriot Collector seems to be a really good deal. Anyone familiar with these?
  17. Old ammo

    I'm down in FLA at my bros house and he's showing me hundreds of old boxes of ammo that he recvd from the widow of an old friend. Where could I look to find thecollector value of this stuff?
  18. Knoxx comparison

    Any thoughts on Knoxx Comp Stock vs. Special Ops stock. Need to upgrade Mossy 500. Not sure which way to go.
  19. Sales Tax

    I just bought a complete lower receiver from NH. Transfered in to Mass FFL. Do I have to pay sale tax on receiver.
  20. Revolver, What is it?

    A friend of mine showed me a small break top revolver. It's what looks like a 22 cal 6 shot 3 inch barrel. In the center of the cylinder is another chamber, possibly .32 short. OU barrels with 2 stage trigger. Single action, can't remember which stage shoots which barrel. Any ideas?
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