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  1. Tumbling or ultra sonic for cleaning?

    This (again). I bought an el-cheepo tumbler & walnut shells at Harbor Freight - works perfect. If you do go dry, you may find you need a sifter. A little pricey - but I recommend this. (on sale!) Good luck !
  2. What did you do in the reloading room recently?

    Wow! Just curious - how many .44 mag rounds do you use each trip to the range? I generally shoot 100-150 a week. My math isn't perfect - but I'd need 4000-6000 rounds to get to 10 months. I don't even own brass to get close to that ! :eek::eek:
  3. SOLD *NEW* Hornady #546516 (9mm 3-die set)

    * * * S O L D * * * *NEW* (unopened) Hornady #546516 (9mm 3-die set) - Titanium Nitride. Complete info here. $45 shipped to your door ! Will trade for .44 mag brass or FMJ bullets. (edited 09 Sep 2021) - Please, no "Paypal" or "BuddyPay", Check or MO is fine.
  4. testing loads for wifes Glock 43

    It was windy as hail up in Perfectborough. Just curious - how big are the plates?
  5. What did you do in the reloading room recently?

    Got to the range early - shot some of the .44 mag FMJ's (Campro) I made up - average loads, probably 900-1000 fps. I like em'. This was the first 12 shots (30' w/629 PC, strong hand). It only got better as the morning progressed. After I'm guessing probably 1000 LSWC's - it also scrubbed out...
  6. What did you do in the reloading room recently?

    Sorry....................can't help myself...............:D
  7. What did you do in the reloading room recently?

    Took a half day, cut the grass, did some errands - then made up another 400 rounds of my favorite .44 mag "gong ammo" ( 7.2 gn of Alliant SP behind 240 LSWC). All with spanking new Starline brass (....now my arm's killing me.......) Things were just working, everything gauged nice, and got...
  8. 50/70 bullets

    Good luck ! Full report required........:D
  9. What did you do in the reloading room recently?

    When I started reloading I usually started the charges way low (snub nose 44 revolver) and always got sooty cases. Good accuracy, and no problems other than smoke and messy. The advice I got was low charge. Low and behold - the closer I got to the published max charges the cleaner they became...
  10. Interesting day at the range

    Yes - it clearly is enlarged (no scale was intended), but the similarities in group location were still interesting. Personally, I would tend to agree with the ".......Sight alignment and hold on target, trigger, breathing......." or something along those lines. My patterns at 30' between...
  11. New Firearms Acquisitions September 2021

    Man, that is a freakin' beauty. :eek: Congrats, and good luck :D
  12. Interesting day at the range

    This may be totally unrelated to your situation - but I thought it an interesting similarity. The picture on the right is from an air pistol site, and shows a similar set of two groups (one right, one SW). The guy said this happens often, and it takes him a while while shooting (without...
  13. Red dot mount for S&W Revo?

    It looks a little hoaky - but I've had great luck with a standard rail and a UltraDot on my Model 27 PC.
  14. The line-up (.....what are you making?)

    All .44 mag I'm afraid - but with a bit of "diversity". :D 225gn DHP/Hi-Tek, 240 gn LSWC/Hi-Tek, 240gn PFP, 200gn RNFP/Hi-Tek, 240gn XTP-JHP, 215 gn RNFP
  15. What did you do in the reloading room recently?

    Well, scales are important - always have been, always will be. :D
  16. Interesting day at the range

    Still, pretty decent for 40' off hand. [cheers]
  17. Interesting day at the range

    Got it. It's an interesting pair of groupings. Do you have any velocity data? If you did you could work up some sample loads in GRT and look for glaring differences. I'm still fairly new to this - but I usually shoot 240 gn projectiles, when I switch to either 200 or even 215 (same POA) -...
  18. Interesting day at the range

    ......................."I'll have to do some closer examination and testing but the blue grouping is factory Venom 115 FMJ and the red grouping is 147."................... Wasn't exactly sure...............:D So................. the blue is 147 and the red is 115 - correct ?
  19. Interesting day at the range

    So the blue is 147 and the red is 115 - correct ?
  20. ammo cost

    I often empty the trash at the pistol shack and I'm often stunned by the prices on the empty boxes. 9mm seems to be stabalizing, but everything else is still pretty much "out there". That is of course...................when you can find it..............Hornady Superformance SST Ammo 308...
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