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  1. Acceptable Bullet Weight Variance for Long Range Competition?

    You're going to have to sit down and start separating them into weight classes or groups. No point in tossing them out, just burn em off. Bergers seem to be the go-to for the long range crowd on the yub-tub.
  2. Hornady 300 grn 45ACP .458 => pistol??

    http://www.elmerkeithshoot.org/GA/1969_01_Elmer_Keith_Favorite_Load.pdf https://oregontrailbullets.com/xcart/images/filemanager/uploads/otbc-load-manual.pdf Pg 98-101, 101 has 250's for bottom feed If it helps, heres my 255 load chrono results (in a 625, but I've heard tell that they work in...
  3. 9mm Power factor w/ 115gr, 4” barrel

    Yep, normal it is. 147's will get you where you want to be. 124/ 125's might do the trick, or at least get you above min. Looking at a burn rate chart, Bullseye would have been the fastest and should have gotten you closer. Fast is what you want for the short stuff. As much as I'd hate to say...
  4. Best round for Canada geese

    What engine oil, anti-freeze, wrist watch and cologne combination work best with a specific caliber for geese? Lets say 9mm for arguments sake
  5. Bullet Manufacturers Lead Times

    Plated bullet manufacturer has ammo cans of 1500 9mm (various weights) for around $150 Boxes of 500 for other calibers
  6. Best round for Canada geese

    Bait em into a kill zone of several Claymores. And Let er rip tater chip
  7. New Hornady Lok-N-Load AP! - clean and lube questions

    Its pulling moisture from somewhere. Is it surface rust or the chunky-monkey type? Can't wait to see what my presses look like after spending a year in a POD.
  8. What would you pay for case prep?

    And it was at this point, that the forum moderator realized asking a bunch of shills, flints and cheap-asses, what they would pay for a service. "NEVER AGAIN!" he yelled at the sky, shaking his fists in frustration.
  9. If You Are Looking For a Trench Gun

    If I have to buy a shotgun, its going to be a trench gun.
  10. What did you do in the reloading room recently?

    @EddieCoyle might be able to shine some insight on that
  11. The line-up (.....what are you making?)

    Nothin. Nothin at all until the house is built. I made a mess at work today. Probably make another one tomorrow. Consistency is key. Theres a municipal range up the road. Might head up there this weekend and do some unloading with that henry.
  12. Dumbass Gangstas' Still Posting Their Illegal Activities Online

    Sound like a couple of fine irish catholic boys. Probably those white supremacists at it again
  13. Interesting day at the range

    It does run those S&B 124's really well
  14. Interesting day at the range

    Dig out your book that came with your new 9mm and look for either- "Firearm Manufacturer X recommends Bullet Company A in this grain weight" Test target and what was used if it lists it. I have a CZ that was dead on (to what the test target produced) with 115's. I hate 115's. Soon as I went...
  15. Getting into reloading finally

    https://www.dillonprecision.com/rl-550c-reloader_8_1_23594.html https://www.uniquetek.com/product/T1553 https://www.dillonprecision.com/primer-pickup-tube-pack-of-2-small-2-large_8_116_23515.html And eventually........ https://www.dillonprecision.com/xl-750-reloader_8_1_26883.html
  16. Owning 2 exact same guns, one for carry, one for practice??

    Waiting for the "I own 17 M-1 Garands" crowd to chime in.
  17. Odd results with 158gr LWSC .38 and Titegroup powder

    I don't suppose the bottoms are bare? I've had some bad luck with titegroup and bare-bottomed lead.
  18. How to use Hodgdon load data..........?

    It has to be an outrageously stupid question to get blasted in this sub-forum. I've asked plenty of em myself. Powders that work- Ask around at matches and shoots or here. Its a good way to narrow down whats reliable. Availability also plays a big part. Once you find a powder you like, buy...
  19. How to use Hodgdon load data..........?

    Heres another head exploder- You can also use a lymans book for plated, greased and coated lead. Grab a booklet and it has all kinds of fun stuff thats not listed in a full manual. You can use jacketed pistol data for plated/coated/greased lead up to 1100 fps. Discovered that in a Hornady book...
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