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  1. Northeast HamXposition @ Marlboro 2021 - Sept 10-12

    The last few years have been really disappointing, I don't even think about going anymore. No deals, same lame junk at the flea. It's just not worth the gas to drive there anymore.
  2. New Gun Related LSRs (Requests to have a bill drawn up)

    Never going to happen.
  3. Woman fatally shoots suspected ‘peeping Tom’ outside bedroom window

    You don't get it. These scumbags violate the laws of decent society. They lower the quality of life for people who simply want to live their lives without worrying about some pervert looking through their windows at night. Yeah, she violated the letter of the law but I applaud her actions. The...
  4. Woman fatally shoots suspected ‘peeping Tom’ outside bedroom window

    F that, kill the pervert. There's too many scumbags on the planet.
  5. The balls on Biden

    just ignore the fool. Are they going to send beto door to door to collect the fines? Totally unenforceable and ridiculous.
  6. The balls on Biden

    Why does anyone GAF what EO this douchebag signs? At this point, he should just be ignored like any other fool.
  7. The balls on Biden

    Now let's see how many of said employers say f*** Joe Biden.
  8. Red Ryder BB gun

    Never mind black Bart, just watch out for those icicles too! Was that too racis?
  9. Red Ryder BB gun

    Most likely because the owners shot their eye out.
  10. Red Ryder BB gun

    Yes, it helps me to aim!
  11. Red Ryder BB gun

    Was at Tractor supply the other day and saw this! https://www.tractorsupply.com/tsc/product/daisy-red-ryder-air-rifle-650-shot It didn't have a compass in the stock and I was afraid I would shoot my eye out, so I didn't get one.
  12. Police Officer Who MURDERED Ashli Babbitt Won’t Face Charges

    Scumbag needs to take one for the team and eat a bullet.
  13. Don't Be Surprised if Gun Owners Don't Comply With Gun Control Laws

    I have zero faith on any of these scumbags on either side of the isle. 99% of them are lining their own pockets at the expense of the nation.
  14. Don't Be Surprised if Gun Owners Don't Comply With Gun Control Laws

    Cut off the money flow to .gov and the IRS will spare no expense to hunt you down.
  15. VIDEO: SHOTS FIRED At Portland Dueling Protests between Antifa and Proud Boys

    Good, let these f***tards all kill each other.
  16. H.R. 4953: Adds all semi auto rifles w/detatchable mags to NFA

    If this passes I guess I will be a felon (and IDGAF)!
  17. Is it go time?

    Hilldog playing the part of the village idiot and town wino.
  18. Private range southern NH

    Screw clubs and fuds. We have gravel pits and nobody around to tell you not to blow up shit. Just find a pit and ask if you can shoot, most owners like guns and people who shoot them!
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