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  1. Taunton Rifle and Pistol Club

    The eboard View: https://youtu.be/YKRFlNryaWw?t=60
  2. Here we go again.........

    yes, it does
  3. sorry i havent been around.

    Well, then.. Goodbye and Buy a Glock. [smile]
  4. More police protecting and serving

    f***ed up, that cop needs a kick in the balls
  5. Grimes' 'Dune'-Inspired Met Gala Look Included a Sword Made From an AR-15

    Just plain stupid. If shit was fashion they would all be covered in it.
  6. Big shot NYC attorney sues for LTC

    Just look at mAss
  7. Springfield Police & Hampden County Sheriff’s Department to Offer Gun Buy-Back.

    The types of firearms we receive in these events are typically ones that are at high risk of being stolen or stored improperly.
  8. Hello, new guy reporting in...

    Welcome and buy a Glock [smile]
  9. The balls on Biden

    Don't get your hopes up
  10. SCAR. Why?

    Would rather have a m1a socom
  11. Scumbag Robs Little Kids At Gunpoint, Steals Their Go-Kart.

    Hope he falls down some stairs, a few times. Doors can also be dangerous.
  12. More Black women turning to guns for personal protection, report says

    View: https://youtu.be/9MrxXFYws8U
  13. San Francisco will pay people to not shoot others: 'Cash for criminals'

    They are all like good thanks mo money of ammo and pistols etc... Sheryl Davis should get dropped off in Mexico.
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