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  1. Granby B&GC. Last weeks (9/2021) members meeting update?

    I was unable to make last weeks members meeting (the first open meeting since COVID began). Was any info shared on the ongoing restrictions of the long distance rifle ranges? Is an end in sight or are we throwing in the towel or somewhere in between, or is all the info still being...
  2. Registering a Canoe

    The only stupid thing I’ve come across so far in Pennsylvania is all boats on water need a sticker and to pay the $$ to the commonwealth of PA. Kayaks rowboats sailboats canoes even if only hand or wind powered.
  3. Can I Take Possession of Rifle from Non-Licenesed Guy?

    You mean the one lost by my friend in a boating accident?
  4. Shipping to New York

    Anyone in NY can possess empty brass. only for loaded handgun cartridges will a dealer need to see LTC. Sell the guy the brass
  5. Sweet spot for 10/22 triggers

    I upgraded to BX trigger ( bought from guy on eBay who tests pull weight. Then sells by that weight. Paid a little more for lighter weight.) Shot 240 at Appleseed with it with otherwise stock rifle. But an Appleseed is about a good shot quickly not a perfect shot. At 25M from bench A five...
  6. Boat Knife ideas

    You spelled boot incorrectly. ☺️ JK
  7. Group buy, Warrior12.com update post 52. 15% off code posted in Members section

    Any update on this? or should I just order on my own?
  8. What rifle caliber defines the Fudd?

    I went other. I’m torn between .222 Rem or 220 Swift as ultimate Fudd gun. If I had to stay with list it is 30-06 because Garand
  9. Group buy, Warrior12.com update post 52. 15% off code posted in Members section

    VERY surprisingly they have some designs in tall. I’d go in for a pair
  10. Question - traveling to upstate NY with long gun?

    So long as your long gun is not an AR, you are good to go. If an AR it can not have any evil features including a hand grip.
  11. How long to you tumble your brass?

    How long I need to tumble to get the level of “clean” or “shine” I want on brass is determined by how dirty the media Is when I start. I use the ground shell Lizard bedding material from pet store. Inexpensive and works well so I change it whenever tumbling time increases. I almost always use...
  12. What did you do in the reloading room recently?

    Yesterday was a bonus day in the reloading room. I had already packed and moved reloading hardware. Yesterday I was packing up the cabinet of reloading components. The bottom floor level shelf was shotgun supplies. Tucked way in the back behind three boxes (3000) shotgun primers was a...
  13. Does your spouse know how many guns you own?

    What firearms and where they may be located are covered under rules for operational security. Not discussed publicly even with close friends. Spouse knows what she needs to know. /S. Maybe.
  14. The 10 Most Overrated Cartridges

    I agree and disagree with opinion on 7mm Magnum.On paper out to 300 yards the trajectories are close for it and 270. I bought and quickly sold a 7mm magnum after playing with factory ammo and hand loads one summer. Quickest I ever discarded a rifle. For eastern deer hunting it provided nothing...
  15. Man tries to rob people in a concealed carry class! He gets shot by everyone! Watch

    This goes back almost three decades ago, but in Rochester NY there was what I would call a cop bar just off S Clinton ave near downtown. (near where I worked at the time and I would occasionally stop in the bar). A Darwin Award winner goes in there at about midnight one evening and announces a...
  16. What did you do in the reloading room recently?

    Not too much. First thing I’m going to do is order a suppressor. Second is buy a free state EDC pistol 😎
  17. What did you do in the reloading room recently?

    ☹️ Packed up the reloading room equipment. Going into storage while I’m making the move to PA.
  18. "Powder Cop"

    Looking in the case is a good idea IF you can see into the case. When doing rifle rounds (6.5 or .308) on Dillon 550 I can’t physically get a good view down into case. So I use the indicator.
  19. "Powder Cop"

    I run one. A home made version. I was following the lead of a national ranked high power shooter. ( see “Konrads high power page“ on line). I use it for making PRS rifle rounds on a Dillon progressive press where I am adding powder by hand after it is weighed on a rcbs chargemaster. It is...
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