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  1. Taunton Rifle and Pistol Club

    Under rules of order usually used in organizations such as this, notice of the election is to be made and a quorum of the membership must be able to vote. I don't see either of these happening. What is the eboard - a bunch of democrats? :D:D:D It is a good club and I like going there, but it...
  2. New Member- Taunton Gun Club?

    I've been a member there about five years. Not that guy that visits every week but I've always liked it. Haven't had a reason to use the outdoor range yet.
  3. Taunton Rifle and Pistol Club

    Well, the TRPC website finally got an update. It looks good, like it was built in the 21st century. Same old data but looks nice. Now if they'd just get the damn membership renewals online.
  4. Linsky racked up $154,000 in unpaid federal taxes

    Linsky is a first class putz. Just like "Mr Frosty" Ed Markey, has no idea what the private sector is all about. He loves sucking from the teet of the hard working tax payers. Of course, the people that vote for him will vote for him again because they're putzes as well.
  5. The ATF’s Redefining Frames, Receivers and What is a “Firearm”

    When bump stocks were made illegal, the ATF only received 65,000 comments, mostly from antis. Write that letter or this administration WILL make guns hard to get.
  6. Motorcyclist pulls gun during road-rage confrontation, gets shot and killed by other driver

    Another good reason to install and maintain a dashcam.
  7. The Right To BEAR Arms - The Supreme Court will soon decide whether the government must let residents carry guns. VIDEO

    Even though SCOTUS made a previous decision, looks like there may be another.
  8. Taunton Rifle and Pistol Club

    They have done that in the past. Very anti-competitive move. Other companies have done that as well.
  9. Taunton Rifle and Pistol Club

    The site is up today, June 15.
  10. Supreme Court Rules Warrantless Home Gun Confiscation Is Unconstitutional in 9-0 vote

    Being able to challenge red flag laws under the Fourth Amendment is a win. The case was not to decide whether those laws were unconstitutional, which, IMHO, they are but at least the law can be challenged on Constitutional grounds. With the current gubmint in charge, let's take whatever victory...
  11. Supreme Court Rules Warrantless Home Gun Confiscation Is Unconstitutional in 9-0 vote

    The Supreme Court ruled Monday that warrantless gun confiscation from Americans’ homes is unconstitutional, voting unanimously on the side of a Rhode Island man whose firearms were taken by law enforcement without a warrant after his wife expressed concerns that he might hurt himself. Supreme...
  12. NRA Bankruptcy Dismissed

  13. Mother-of-two, 36, is shot dead in 'botched carjacking' on her Orlando driveway by two men who followed her home

    Now there's Youtube. Don't have to pay a cover charge or nuthin'.
  14. Kentucky Ballistics - My 50 Cal Exploded - Youtube Video

    Luck was on his side this day.
  15. WTS Commercial GE Systems Outdoor Light Fixture

    This is a GE Lighting Systems Metal Halide commercial light fixture. It's new, never been installed but spent the last decade or so in a closet. Made of heavy gauge steel and was designed to be mounted on a 2 1/2" pole. The metal halide bulb can be replaced with an LED known as a corn light...
  16. ***SCAM ALERT***

    Good idea!!!
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