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  1. Adjustable stock

    Collapsible stock is one of the "evil features". What about the adjustable stocks, ones that you have to use a tool to take out the hex screw, move to a new desired length and screw it back to lock the length in place? Is this compliant? I think collapsible stock is the one that you push a...
  2. Form 1 for SBR - documents to the CLEO

    I'm submitting my form 1 for an SBR via a trust. For documents to my CLEO, I noted of the following: one CLEO Copy of ATF Form 1 one CLEO Copy of ATF Form 23. The question is, do I need to send a copy of the trust to the CLEO as well? Thanks in advance.
  3. Received my LTC Class A with restrictions

    I applied for LTC Class A with reasons "for all lawful purposes" and I got it with restriction "Target and Hunting". This is Randolph MA. I'm moving to Braintree MA in a couple months, so is there a chance for me to re-apply there or I must wait until 2017 for it to expire and re-apply for non...
  4. High end pistols with Double action

    I really like Nighthawk pistols, particularly the Nighthawk Doninator, but it seems like all their pistols are single action. I also checked Les Baer SRP hard chrome and it's single action as well. I'm looking for a high end pistol that is two toned and DA/SA capable. I thank you in advance.
  5. Moving soon - should I apply for LTC now or wait

    Hello all, I'm currently in Randolph MA and will be moving to Braintree MA at the end of May. I already had my Mass safety course and wanted to apply for a class A LTC. Should I wait for a few months once I'm in Braintree or apply for it now? I'm assuming the two reasons below for both...
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