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  1. The big shooting range in the sky gets another member.

    Cancer sucks. RIP
  2. Gold and silver prices are down

    I installed a pellet stove when oil spiked the last time. Looks like I'll be ordering a couple tons for this winter. When oil hit new highs 7 or 8 years ago I remember our getting the annual plan statement from our oil dealer. Basically they predict how much money we'll spend on oil and then...
  3. Gold and silver prices are down

  4. Gold and silver prices are down

    Yeah, there are some very creative marketing gimmicks out there to sell gold and silver way above spot. :-)
  5. Ballistic glass tesing

    Why am I not surprised you're all over this! :-)
  6. Deals and steals

    I have the Rock River two stage National Match in most of my AR's. They are wonderful. Consistent take-up to a stop. Apply a bit more pressure and bang. Best bang for your buck out there IMHO.
  7. Gold and silver prices are down

    I bought one of the new style 1 ounce American Eagles. It looks like a beautiful coin. Like @Win, I also enjoy the beauty of coins. St Gaudens are my favorite. I show people an old St Gaudens and tell them this used to be currency. People carried them. And for sure it was a LOT of money...
  8. One less LTC holder in MA...

    A few months ago I was chatting with an older, soft spoken attorney I'm friendly with. He's a good lawyer but very, very laid back. He described a road rage incident he was involved in. A woman on a cell phone changed lanes and damn near side swiped him. He said he got angry. Really, really...
  9. FB and IG down worldwide

    I heard the guy with the password died... :-)
  10. Gold and silver prices are down

    It has a library of the more common coins, with their characteristics stored and easy to access.
  11. Gold and silver prices are down

    Someone tried to sell them to you? Or another dealer? Those look like damn good fakes.
  12. Gold and silver prices are down

    Harry, Are those both fakes? I'd like to say I'm stunned but I'm not. I just had my Sigma Metalytics Precious Metals Verifier PRO updated with the latest software. I had bought one early on. Also bought the external gizmo that is good for larger coins and bars. It can do quite a few...
  13. What have you seen lately?

    I was out walking. They looked at me as if to say, "What the hell do you want?". Very little fear. I saw them again yesterday. There's about a dozen in total.
  14. ATF called and left a message about firearms theft from a FFL in Hillsborough County NH

    Ralph, it was me. You can just drop them off in my mailbox... :-)
  15. UPDATE, gun found: Natick police search for gun believed to be lost near elementary school

    IIRC the FAA has a system whereby pilots are encouraged to report any errors/mistakes they make. These will be investigated but as a reward for self reporting issues the FAA will often give a mulligan of sorts. The FAA encourages honesty. Any NES pilots who can confirm or deny this?
  16. UPDATE, gun found: Natick police search for gun believed to be lost near elementary school

    Is there a way to report it is missing without admitting to any guilt? I'll bet a good criminal defense attorney could spin this a bunch of ways.
  17. UPDATE, gun found: Natick police search for gun believed to be lost near elementary school

    The guy does something really dumb but self reports for the greater good. And now he faces criminal charges. Isn't there something in the law about the right not to self incriminate??? This incident would make one think long and hard about reporting a lost gun, especially if one faces loss of...
  18. Gold and silver prices are down

    I'll wait for sales on eBay. If I see a good price I'll use eBay for several reasons. I can use a credit card without an 3% upcharge. I get credit card miles. And I have some level of eBay protection if they order goes sideways. But I'll also compare to prices on the company's website to...
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