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  1. (Robo) dogs gonna be able to shoot back? Or, one more step closer to Skynet?

  2. Weapon Light recommendations requested

    I'm looking for 4 lights for 4 guns. Two AR pistol "truck guns" and 2 AR HD carbines. I want all four the same for muscle memory. I realize that imposes a certain level of compromise others may disagree with, but I want what I want, for my own reasons. So, what I want... 500+ lumen. More is...
  3. WTS NIB S&W Shield 9mm 8round mags

    I have 6, NIB, factory sealed. 8 rounders. $150 cash or PayPal. $20 for shipping CONUS, if it's less I'll put cash in the box, if it's more I'll eat it. Not splitting up. Price is firm, retail is $35+. Show me a better price and I'll beat it. Smith & Wesson S&W M&P Shield 9mm 8-Round Stainless...
  4. Tennessee, where constitutional rights and vulgar language can actually coexist

    Do I agree with the sentiment? Yes. Do I agree with sharing it? Yes. Do I understand people's dislike of the FORM of his expression? Yes. Would I ask him to take it down? Hell no. I absolutely applaud the mayor for his understanding of free speech. And the last line in the article is great...
  5. Interesting read about the evolution of handgun calibers

  6. WTS SPF 9mm shield magazines SPF

    I have 6, NIB, factory sealed. 8 rounders. $150 cash or PayPal. $20 for shipping CONUS, if it's less I'll put cash in the box, if it's more I'll eat it. Not splitting up. Price is firm, retail is $35+. Show me a better price and I'll beat it. Smith & Wesson S&W M&P Shield 9mm 8-Round Stainless...
  7. Group buy, Warrior12.com update post 52. 15% off code posted in Members section

    Starting a feeler here with Derek's blessing. Warrior12.com has some pretty cool stuff, I've ordered a couple of shirts from them. They also have 3 & 4x sizes for those of us so endowed. I asked about a group buy/discount code, they said: "... if you can get a public post going where you can...
  8. Ever order a gun part, forget, and order it again? And again?

    Finally started an inventory of the "parts shelves". I built a Harbor Freight "woodworking" bench. Has a big 60" x 20" work surface, 4 drawers, bottom shelf. $120, took about 3 hours to assemble solo. Weighs about 110 pounds assembled, solid piece. Now I have a workbench in the basement, gonna...
  9. Rossi 22lr, cheap or inexpensive?

    https://palmettostatearmory.com/rossi-rs22-22lr-rifle-black-rs22l1811.html Thinking about something cheap for squirrels while I'm out in my shop. After the transfer and shipping it'll cost me about $180. Probably throw on a cheap barska/Tasco level 1x4 or so scope on it. Don't want a cheap POS...
  10. WTB CMMG 22lr conversion kit wanted

    Looking for a 22lr conversion kit for my AR. Prefer bcg and mag(s) only but will consider a complete upper at a reasonable price. Must be willing to ship to me in Tennessee, please keep that in mind when pricing. Payment by PayPal f&f.
  11. WTS ALL now sold pending funds... 22lr, 45acp, 10ga ammo for sale, will (obviously) ship 45ACP SPF

    45 acp SPF... Rebel ammo sale! From the mountains of East Tennessee, some freedom seeds for sale. Funding a new buy, time to let some go: 3025 rounds of 22lr. One 525 Federal Champion value pack, two 1000 round (boxes of 50) cases of Browning, 1 500 round case (boxes of 50) of Wolf. $550...
  12. Master Sergeant Roy Benevidez: Message to America

    This popped up on YouTube today... View: https://youtu.be/fvlAHUur5eg
  13. Ammo price mega-thread, because 27 separate ones is just too much work...

    I've lost count of how many threads there are, but it's a LOT. Whether reading for lulz, or availability, or complaining, whatever, can we just keep all of it in one place? Please?
  14. Family traditions...

    I grew up in the wrong place and time to learn to hunt, NJ in the 80's. This family though, they're doing it right. Three generations (so far) taking their first deer with the same rifle... Three Generations, One Trusty Old Rifle - Flathead Beacon
  15. Bore sight advice

    I have an AR I need to sight in with a scope. I have another that has a red dot. I'm waiting on a 7.5" pistol that will get a red dot and backup irons. They all need sighting in. At nearly $1.00/round for 300blackout (one of the three guns) I don't want to spend $30 getting zeroed. So I need...
  16. Who wants a tank?

    Thought about putting it in "Deals and Steals" but then decided that at $350k+ it wasn't much of either.... For your consideration: https://www.thedrive.com/news/37554/holy-crap-theres-a-sherman-tank-for-sale-on-bring-a-trailer
  17. WTB Semi-auto 22

    Never mind, bought a glock 44. We'll see how it runs this weekend😁
  18. If I shot twice as good as I do I still wouldn't be half as good as he is

    5 shots from an AR to center mass in under a second. Yeah, Jerry is a gun God, but holy [email protected] that's fast! View: https://youtu.be/v3gf_5MR4tE
  19. Free ammo. Yup, FREE! WINNERS PICKED, see post 50, shipping tomorrow 9/2

    Honestly, I don't understand people sometimes. OP in another thread can't find ammo for a gun he wants to buy. I offer to send him some. He posts three more times in the thread after my offer, completely ignoring (forget about publicly, no PM either) the offer of FREE ammo during a nationwide...
  20. "The Boomin Beaver", US Navy's smallest ship

    Wasn't sure if it should be here or "Off topic" but it's a military vessel so... Anyway, I give you the US Navy's smallest ship... https://www.popularmechanics.com/military/navy-ships/a33766522/tiny-boat-smallest-ship-us-navy/
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