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  1. Explosion in Manhattan

    And we have a suspect https://www.fbi.gov/wanted/seeking-info/ahmad-khan-rahami I'm shocked! Shocked I say! (ETA, sorry for the dupe)
  2. Explosion in Manhattan

    I'm going with misdirection.
  3. Resurrecting the Pink Pistols in MA

    I'm happy to help out in any way I can. I volunteered on the national Pink Pistols to get a class together for anyone in MA (metro Boston) who wants to get licensed. So count me in if you need an instructor. In for a donation.
  4. GOAL Response To AG Healey’s Actions - Rally Sat 7/23 @ 10:00 AM

    Great job everybody! Awesome turnout. Serious thanks to all the guys who brought water for folks, too.
  5. How many flashlights/batteries is enough?

    [rofl] This is the support group for me. I have a very serious flashlight addiction. I became a FourSevens dealer in part because of this. I can quit whenever I want. I don't want to right now. Next year isn't looking too good either.
  6. Comm2A Challenge coin

    Thanks from me too! I was very happily surprised by the mail. Glad you guys are around and doing good work.
  7. Why can't I get good training like this?

    It's called "Israeli Tactical" so it's got to be legit...
  8. Why no .40?

    Thanks for the tip!
  9. Why no .40?

    You know, I don't think I've ever shot a G22/23. I was warned about "glocked brass" on the 40 and decided I didn't want to deal with that for reloading. So I never bought one, even though the pre-ban mags seem to be plentiful. The Glock grips are all big though. I wish I could trade my Gen 3s...
  10. Why no .40?

    OP, the FBI is dumping .40sw and going back to 9mm. That's causing at least some of the silliness. My Sigs are in 40 and my Glocks are in 9mm, because that's just how it worked out. I enjoy shooting both and really don't perceive that much of a difference, probably because the Sigs are...
  11. Panic Buying

    Buy lots of 40sw ammo. Nobody wants it anymore now that the FBI is going back to 9mm. [wink]
  12. Hk p7 question

    I've shot the P7M13 several times. It's got one of the best triggers on a pistol. It's heavy and impractical to carry. I wish someone would make a polymer version. The M13 grip is pretty big. I haven't shot the M8, but I assume the grip is better. They're not easy to get in MA anymore, although...
  13. Anti-Glock Guy Buys A Glock

    It's possible to love them all: Sig, Glock, HK, .... Ask me how I know. [wink] Floor plate removal: There's a bunch of advice and videos. Skip all that and use this: http://www.mygtul.com/catalog/gtul-products-0
  14. 9mm Montana Gold CMJ - unburnt powder?

    I do like to tinker. :) The plunk test is great. I will have to try that.
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