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  1. Mauser Mod. 45 .22 bolt action

    It's a peep sight, frog requirement at the time Well, I had 2 spare mags for over 10 years and had to wait that long until the rifle joined at the right price:cool:
  2. Mauser Mod. 45 .22 bolt action

    Also acquired today: Mauser Mod. 45, .,22 mag fed bold action rifle w/ original sling. Approx. 10k of these were made at Mauser Oberndorf under French occupation, before the equipment was transferred to St. Etienne (MAS). This is a VERY early one w/ serial 61, still w/o the Mod. 45 designation...
  3. Mauser K.K. Wehrsportgewehr

    Acquired today: Mauser K.K. Wehrsportgewehr .22 lr single shot, made after the K98k, complete w/ original sling and cleaning rod. Those were in use with the Hitler Youth, SA and other organizations. It will end up next to it's cousin made by Gustloffwerke. Not the nicest specimen, but mine.
  4. N/D Of The Week

    What a friggin idiot!
  5. New Acquisitions April 2021- Firearms

    20 NOS 6.5 Swedish stripper clips in original package
  6. P08's

    A friend and hardcore collector has 2 of them; one is mint in case with all accessories. Talk about the value of a new car.
  7. Ok! We saw your snubbies, let's see your mid length revolvers now.

    1972 S&W M27-2 3 1/2" w/ Ivory and original grips
  8. P08's

    My alpha: DWM early 1909, a block, matching except grip panels but including mag. First contract w/ unit mark of Infanterieregiment 98, 5. Kompanie, Weapon No. 1 - likely the 1st Sergeant's. Grips were incorrect at the time I got her, she's now fitted with a correct pair.
  9. P08's

    S/42 1936
  10. Biden's ATF nominee

    Nice Persian Mauser, just saying.
  11. Monadnock & NES needs your help

    The one we shot at the 2015 Pumpkin Shoot did work pretty well after it got soaked in oil, the one we tried at the 2016 Car Shoot musta been a Union member. That aside, I'd love to see a different outcome for the Club than what they are eying now.
  12. Monadnock & NES needs your help

    I'm eying a Feldlafette with some bastard HK/MG42 stepchild mounted onto it.:cool: Buy your MegaMillion tickets, the land and then wreak havoc to the Perry's ears[angry]
  13. Do I need to expire before I renew?

    Expiration notice came today (though I'm not expired....yet) and i was able to 'upgrade' again, 15th time or so. All is good.
  14. Do I need to expire before I renew?

    An educated guess by that
  15. Monadnock & NES needs your help

    I'd attend and help to raise some $$, too. Our trip to NES Country in 2011 was 4 months after the car shoot, but I've got the T-shirt, too. However, we were at Fred's Birthday Shoot at Monument Beach that year. Sweet memories!
  16. Do I need to expire before I renew?

    Saw that, but thought it might have been fixed by now. After all, the initial post is from 4 weeks ago.
  17. Do I need to expire before I renew?

    So do we still need to let membership expire before renewing? I was to re-up for the 15th year and couldn't.
  18. Service List

    25 miles South from me. In active duty back in the early 80's 2/32 at The Rock was our partnership Bn.
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