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  1. Western MA FFL's that can verify a Pre ban Maadi AK

    So I'm looking to sell my Pre Ban Maadi AK RML imported from pars international. I need an FFL somewhat close to Western MA that can verify the date through the serial number and would be willing to do a personal transfer for me as I'm out of EFA-10's. Willing to travel a little bit. Trying...
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  3. WTT Stream light TLR-8 for TLR-1

    Looking to trade a pretty decent condition TLR-8 for a TLR-1 in similar shape. No need for the laser light combo anymore. Wondering if anyone wants to trade
  4. WTB Want to buy Hellcat RDP, cash in hand

    Looking to buy a Hellcat RDP, cash in hand ready to go. Must be an RDP. Email me at: [email protected] for faster response
  5. SOLD Please delete

    Please delete
  6. Gun inheritance while original owner is still alive?

    Hey guys, quick question. I'm wondering if I can register guns as inheritance if the original owner is still alive. My grandfather is not doing well, he has dimentia and his living situation has currently changed from a mobile home park to a nursing home. He still holds an unrestricted LTC...
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  8. Magpul followers

    Does anyone know where I can find some Magpul followers? Idk why they are sold out everywhere, I only need 2. Wondering if any one knows if there's some in stock
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  10. Name of metal plate in shotgun stocks?

    Hey guys, having a problem remembering the name of the metal plate for shotgun stocks that sits between the receiver and wooden stock to prevent it from cracking when shooting. I remember researching that one of these is needed if you are switching to a wooden stock. Does anybody know the name...
  11. What's next for Worman V. Healy?

    So as most of you know a few months back Wormon V Healy along with nine other supreme Court cases got shot down. I've done a bunch of digging and can't find anything for the next step. Are we dead in the water? Or is there anyway for it to make another round at the Supreme Court or what? I've...
  12. SOLD Please Delete

    Looking for a new or like new Sig P320 X5 Legion, cash in hand. I'm located in Westfield but willing to travel.
  13. U notch pre ban Glock mag issue

    Hey guys, quick question. I have a u notch pre ban Glock mag and a gen 4 19. Everything seems to be perfectly normal with it. Magazine is in immaculate condition slides in pretty well, cycles rounds, but the only issue I'm having is I can't get the mag to lock in place in the mag well when...
  14. Sig MCX worth the 2k?

    Anyone here have a Sig MCX? Is it a viable rifle for the price? Being in Mass. options are obviously limited... I was really thinking about picking one up but it's a good chunk of change for a rifle that seems to fly a little under the radar, what's your honest opinions?
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