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  1. Stealthy Rifle Case

    I am a photographer and when walking the city I often carry my camera in a diaper bag! I have never seen any one steal, grab, snatch and run a diaper bag. Stealth is good!
  2. Baofengs

    I also monitor some public safety channels with mine, but to eliminate the risk of dangerous and illegal intrusion on their communications, I always set the simplex control to NONE. Programming...Chirp and a quality cable.
  3. Local sources for Mil Surp Ammo Cans ?

    In Plymouth, MA you can likely find them at "Gone Bananas" Mil Surp in North Plymouth.
  4. Ham Radio Club in W Bridgewater area

    I have gotten involved with the Whitman Club and will be joining. you will hear me on their repeater sometimes Al KC1EFI "73"
  5. Recommendation: IWB magazine carrier

    They are not easy to find, I agree. My choice right now is the Remora double. It holds two "Shield" mags and can be tucked IWB in several locations and be fairly comfortable (and cheap!) .
  6. Ham Radio In The News

    My story also, and I was in high school in 1960! Just got my technician and studying for General.
  7. Ham Radio Club in W Bridgewater area

    I am studying to get my Ham license, something I always wanted to do. Retirement makes it seem feasible. I am wondering if there is a local Ham radio club in the W Bridgewater areas. I have friends in Whitman, was wondering if there was one closer. Thanks

    It seems that Gov Christie will tell you what you want to hear, when elected will do what he wants. Listen to the promises he made to protect public employee pensions. Adamant that he would never alter them, always protect them. Not long after election, the pensions were diminished to pay...
  9. Stickers on cars

    None, concealed is concealed!
  10. Bettina from GOAL will be on WCAP 8:00AM!! Call in if you want!

    Hopefully this is not a repeat! Howie Carr had at least two hours of one his shows on WMEX 1510 supporting gun ownership and highlighting defensive "Wins" of the responsibly armed across the country!

    Holder has enough failures (and criminal offenses) to fill a small book. Not passing "gun control" is probably the best accomplishment of his tenure. I wasn't even aware that the AG was supposed to "pass" anything.
  12. Switching to D from R!

    Unenrolled sounds like the way to go! Thanks
  13. Switching to D from R!

    I am shocked to hear myself say this, but I think some others ought to consider it. I intend to vote in the democratic primary instead of Republican. I expect my Republican favorites to win without my vote, and could live with either choice when the general comes around. I am so disgusted by...
  14. House Review of S2284 (formerly SB 2265)

    I sent the following to my reps, along with a CC to the speaker (Which I am sure will get close attention!). I intend to follow up with phone calls as well, Look forward to seeing the legislature hearing from all of us! I know the speakers gun legislation is due for committee action and voting...
  15. I'm on a roll

    I like Remora and N82 for the shield.
  16. New 92FS First trip out!

    I recently bought a Beretta 92fs, that was gently used by a NES member. It is the Inox edition. I took it to the range this morning, it fits my hands so well. The first two magazines fired had all shots center mass! after about 75 rounds I was hitting a 6" circle pretty reliably. This is a...
  17. Speaker of the House Boehner to file suit against Obama for ABUSE OF EXECUTIVE POWER

    Unfortunately my research indicates this is pretty much useless, an effort to "do something" even if it is useless. Kind of similar to many of our liberal leader plans! Even if the suit was successful, Congress has NO policing power, it would be dependent on Barry willingly following the...
  18. Anybody spot 17 WSM in SE MA?

    I thought I saw some at Bass Anglers today. It wasn't what I was looking for, so I am not positive. A phone call might confirm!
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