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  1. 223 Prices

    Got what I need. Thanks. I figure about $300 for an unopened case of 500 is good for everybody.
  2. 223 Prices

    Straight up. Thank you.
  3. 223 Prices

    There's no deal going, yet. Just want to know where I'm at. I bought plenty when it was available and the price was reasonable. For me it was always pretty good ammo if you could find it.
  4. 223 Prices

    I did. No Lake City to be seen.
  5. 223 Prices

    Not trying to sell it here, but I might trade it with a friend. I have an unopened case of Lake City 223 ball, 400 rounds, I picked up a long time ago at Four Seasons. What's it worth these days?
  6. Forum Fee

    Done deal. Thanks sHorty.
  7. Forum Fee

    Thanks sHORTY, I wouldn't mind staying a while longer and have no problem kicking in $20. The way it was delivered created a bit of a WTF moment. The fix will help. Something to think about, maybe having a "Membership" tab on the main menu bar that gives info on membership levels with the...
  8. Forum Fee

    Right on
  9. Forum Fee

    Glad we cleared that up. Thanks. Please note that your membership at Northeastshooters.com Forums is about to expire in 7 days. What this really means is, Would you like to kick in twenty bucks for another year of upgraded green membership? Don't worry. We're not kicking your ass out of here...
  10. Forum Fee

    Maybe i misunderstood the message below Northeastshooters.com Forums NortheastShooters.com - Membership Expiration Reminder Dear Bogview, Please note that your membership at Northeastshooters.com Forums is about to expire in 7 days. Once your account has expired you can upgrade again. Click...
  11. Forum Fee

    I started the sticky on transfer fees in 2007. The thread has had over 100,000 views. At the end of the month, it will be adios due to the new forum fee. I've enjoyed the conversation and appreciate the knowledge of the group. Take care. Bogview
  12. Transfer Fees - List of Dealers Charges

    Cape Cod, What's the best deal for a transfer?
  13. Transfer Fees - List of Dealers Charges

    Looks like these guys take the prize at $100 Since the thread started 5 years ago.
  14. For those interested in Air Pistols

    I have the rifle version of this pistol in 25 cal. Being able to plink at home or pop a squirrel, or a crow with a gun that is Extreemely accurate, quiet, powerful works for me. Here are some of the pistol features. Benjamin Marauder pistol 8-rd circular mag with auto-indexing Internal...
  15. The Powderhorn, Hyannis, MA

    I was in the Powderhorn when a guy came in to check his confiscated guns that were the result of a restraining order. Marc and his chronies did everything they could to start a confrontation with this guy. I could see that they had cameras neatly hidden. What a scam - Piss the guy off and keep...
  16. USA Today Gun Poll

    I voted. Thanks for bringing it to the table.
  17. Question about shooting a wild animal on your property

    Downloaded yelping rabbit mp3s get results. Sounds Hellacious. Brings 'em in.
  18. Question about shooting a wild animal on your property

    After considering, bows, crossbows, a 50 cal air rifle, and trapping, a person in an official capacity gave the advice recommended above except that chicken was the bait on a huge hook. There is no point in putting your LTC in jeopardy over this. We had a young kitten snatched from inside our...
  19. So I'm watching Channel 7 last night about the Pellet gun shots at cars on Rt 3

    Here's the story. http://www1.whdh.com/news/articles/local/BO138252/
  20. Democrats and Guns

    I strongly agree with both of these.
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